Tekandi Paniagua. Image from consulate facebook page.

Tekandi Paniagua, Self-Inflicted Failure in Los Angeles

Underhanded behavior at the Los Angeles Guatemala consulate leads to an audit and staff expulsion.Mr. Tekandi Paniagua, now the former Consul General of Guatemala...
Apoorva Mandavilli New York Times

Apoorva Mandavilli of NYT Lied about Stats of Children with COVID

Leftist news outlet New York Times has once again been caught in a big lying scandal - retracting a story by Apoorva Mandavilli that...
evictions must be stopped cuomo. Cartoon by newsblaze.

Evictions Must Be Stopped: Cuomo

"Evictions Must Be Stopped," New York governor Cuomo said, referring to himself, of course.Dumped out of the same office his father held for three...
Afghan civilians children killed biden

Biden Administration Kills 10 Afghan Civilians Including 6 Children

Not only has the Biden administration handed Afghanistan's control over to Islamic terrorists but is now killing innocent Afghan civilians who are trying to...



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Auggie vaccine mandate

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Endangers Auggie in Italy

The unconstitutional vaccine mandate of the Biden administration is destroying American businesses and putting the lives of millions of workers in jeopardy. The latest...
whale stuck in nets of purse seiner

Two Humpback Whales Caught in Evil Fishing Net Off Gabon

As two humpback whales struggled to free themselves from a purse seine fishing net deployed by a European-owned fishing vessel, a Sea Shepherd drone...
Inverter Battery

Inverter Battery Prices – 4 Easy Things to Remember

The United Nations recently issued a report on global weather patterns, predicting that heat waves are likely to become more intense and frequent in...
The Lancet study

The Lancet Study by AstraZeneca Team Not Science

Even reputable science journals like The Lancet are now publishing research that has serious conflict of interest and cannot be considered independent, reliable science....
Summer Heat Triggers Wildfires. youtube screenshot.

Europe’s Unprecedented Manmade Floods

Deadly floods in Germany and Belgium have put climate change back in the news in time for the COP-26 climate gabfest in Glasgow. Not...

Solar Minimum Always Makes Texas Cold

Solar minimum makes texas cold every 11 years. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.
Every 11 years, on average, the Solar Minimum causes changing weather patterns and it even makes Texas cold. Considering that we are close to...

Democrat Idea Of Unity

democrat idea of unity. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.
The Democrat politician's idea of unity appears to mean they get what they want and everyone else loses. That is typical of their stupid...

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