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During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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Schächten, When Justice Has Not Yet Been Served

Schächten Film Review; punishment out of justice or revenge?On January 29, 2023, just after January 27, The International Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorating the liberation...
The 7 Jews murdered in Jerusalem on January 27, 2023, among them a young boy - Screenshot

The Disenfranchised Jews of the Jewish State, Israel

This is the current reality, since 1948, of the Israeli-Jews living in Israel, who make up the Jewish population of the Jewish state. They are disenfranchised because they are Jews.
war in ukraine. Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

What Awaits Russia Should It Lose The War in Ukraine?

The war in Ukraine launched by Russia almost a year ago is still going on, with no end in sight.One should ask two pertinent...
Shusha-December 16, 2022-at the newly opened Khari-bulbul hotel, in Shusha, from right, Nurit Greenger, US-AZ Cultural Foundation, Eti El-kiss, Double Trouble Production, Ayten Rahimova Diaspora Committee, Veteran Arif Hajiyev who fought in 2nd Karabakh War - Photo Nurit Greenger

Azerbaijan’s Embassy In Israel, Only Relations Milestone

Azerbaijan's Embassy In Israel has double pride for Azerbaijanis, in the local Azerbaijani Jewish population and their country's relationship with the State of Israel for the past 30 years.
OBKLA billboard, downtown Los Angeles - photo OBJLA

At OBKLA Benevolence Is At Any Age

The Margaret Feder OUR BIG KITCHEN LOS ANGELES (OBKLA) is where you can channel your benevolence. This is what I did on Sunday, January...
Yariv Levin and Benjamin Netanyahu in the Knesset Dec 13, 2022. Knesset photo.

Justice Minister Yariv’s Legal Reform Increases Israel’s High Court Accountability

Last week we presented several examples of the High Court's interference in legislation and executive-administrative decisions, and wrote about the need for legal reform....
At the Knesset building, in Jerusalem, Israel, hours before the new government was formed, Yariv Levin, Israel Justice Minister with on his left the writer Nurit Greenger and right Eti El-Kiss - December 21, 2022. Photo: Nurit Greenger

Justice Reform For Israel, Essential, Courageous, and Blessed

The newly elected Government in Israel has embarked on courageous justice reform, which aims to restore the proper balance between the three branches of...
The writer at the entrance to Caucasian Taza Pir Mosque-May 2017-Photo Nurit Greenger

Sightseeing in Azerbaijan Equals Exploring the Unacquainted

The Virgo Zodiac Sign I love sightseeing in Azerbaijan. Interestingly enough, Azerbaijan and I celebrate our birthdays one day apart. Both under the zodiac sign...
Anti-Israel protestors, c. 2021. Photo: Matt Hrkac/Wikimedia Commons

Antisemitism, Indoctrination, Propaganda, in Higher Education

Jewish students on campus unprepared to confront Antisemitism disguised as Iconoclasm. Higher ed, rabbis, parents must empower them to stand for their identity..
Late Arye Gut and the writer, Nurit Greenger at the Yom Ha'atzmaut-Israel Independence Day, celebrated at the Fairmount Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan, May 2016 - Photo Nurit Greenger

US-AZ Cultural Foundation to Establish an Award Named After Late Arye...

Azerbaijan's parliament announced on Friday, November 18, 2022, that it initiated the process of opening an embassy in the State of Israel. It is...
At the Israel Embassy in Baku, from left: Eti El-Kiss, Israel Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Mr. George Deek, Nurit Greenger, Soldier Arif Hajiyev - Photo Nurit Greenger

Destination Baku, Azerbaijan

The romance between Azerbaijan and Israel began on 25th of December 1991 when the State of Israel recognized the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Nurit Greenger & Eti El-Kiss with Arif Hajiyev in front of the Knesset building - Photo Nurit Greenger

US-AZ Cultural Foundation and Double Trouble Production Accomplish First Mission

Nurit Greenger, President, US-AZ Cultural Foundation, and Eti El-Kiss, CEO, Double Trouble Production, teamed up with a commitment to accompany Azerbaijani wounded soldier, Arif...
US-AZ 30 yrs with Israel

When Israeli Benevolence and Light Unto the Nations Merge

Benevolence is an act done for the sake of another, out of love, compassion or generosity of heart, not in return and not out of coercion. In Judaism this is called a mitzvah, which includes connectivity, any kind of helping and helping others, with one's body, money and soul.
Armenian protest in paris. NewsBlaze image.

How Armenia Lobby Buys Malfeasance Worldwide

Armenian Lobbyism In Play French parliamentarians have issued an anti-Azerbaijan resolution. The Armenia Lobby has been at work undermining the neutrality of France turning it...
The book “These We Remember” front binding - Photo Nurit Greenger

Absence of Family Roots, Holocaust Cause and Effect

In the absence of some 99% of my mother's and my father's family, all murdered by the Nazis during World War II Holocaust, I...
From Left: Steven Wailand, Nurit Greenger, Ofir Aidgar, Ron Weinreich, Israel Consul General to US West Coast, Hillel Newman, Eti El-Kiss-Mtrahi, Shaul Mizrahi, Yoram Yeivin. - Photo Nurit Greenger

Every Nation Has a Heart

The Israeli heart touches the heart of millions because the Israeli heart is the story of the nation of Israel from time immemorial.
netanyahu comeback - third time

The Netanyahu Comeback, Now It’s Time to Prove To Us The...

The Netanyahu comeback is real! Israeli citizenry made a collective decision and elected a right-wing government to govern the country. The newly elected coalition...
first amendment

Your Right To The Rights In The Ten Constitutional Amendments

The United States of America is unique, with a very unique system of governance. It is the only country in the entire world that...
On November 1, 2022, Israelis have a choice: elect Lapid (right) or Likud-Netanyahu (left) – picture election ad

Vote Likud, Stabilize Israel’s Government

Israelis are being encouraged to vote Likud as the most sensible and best bet for Israel's stability. Benjamin Netanyahu is the most stable candidate for Prime Minister.
Michel Atlan eye-wear collection poster - Photo: Nurit Greenger

Designer’s French-Chic Vintage Style Optimal Eye-Wear

Eyewear is the frame that frames the eye; the eye is the window to the human soul. An eye view to optical eye-wear designer...