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John McCormick is a reporter, /science/medical columnist and finance and social commentator, with 18,000+ bylined stories and seven major books. He is a 38-year member of the National Press Club, retired emergency management coordinator, physicist, and member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and a member of The Union of Concerned Scientists. He is a senior NewsBlaze writer who writes incisive, investigative stories. Medical Blog https://criticalmedicalnews.blogspot.com/

John’s recent books:

Visitor’s guide to Groundhog Day (best as an ebook)
Book sample, GHD visitor’s guide.
“Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades.”

paperback second edition
or ebook https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TYTG6ZC

eBOOK “Blockchain Made Simple” Blockchain is poised to revolutionize business and government data management. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HCY7QPZ

“Preparing for climate change”

Other recent books are “Sheep in the Rafters,” and “Everywhere I turn There’s a Wet Nose” a book for those who see dog hair as a condiment (about the science of and love for dogs) are available on Amazon.

The list of all of his books is here: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00287RNFS

mona lisa with face mask. Image by Sumanley xulx from Pixabay, styled by NewsBlaze

Life After a Pandemic (a Book by John McCormick)

This may be my first rodeo but it isn't the first pandemic.By June The United States economy lost between 15 and 30 trillion dollars,...
COVID-19 Pandemic Virus. Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Trump Had a REALLY Bad Week – Learn About Cognitive Dissonance

While reading this, please remember that true Trump supporters feel so strongly about Trump that they are perfectly willing to risk YOUR life, the...
covidname padrinan pixabay

Commentary – COVID-19 Life and Death Facts and Recommendations

EVERYTHING SHOULD BE CLOSED EVERYWHERE NOW!!!Since the plague of Justinian back at the end of the Roman Empire through the "Black Death" (a name...
Hospital protective gear.

Summer Won’t Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Warmer weather may actually make the spread of COVID-19 worse. Australia saw it spreading in warm weather (77 high/64 low in Sydney) and it...
Triage Doctor. image by medicmcmurryjulie pixabay

COVID-19 It’s ALL About the Numbers (just multiply by 2)

Tuesday, March 24 - fifty thousand Americans have a confirmed case of COVID-19 today, and, even if drastic action is taken TOMORROW then in...
Hospital protective gear.

Comparing U.S. COVID-19 Response to a Bus Filled With Grandparents Teetering...

(NOTE, although the White House has taken a few positive steps on COVID, many U.S. state governors have moved far beyond what the Federal...
Donald Trump Plays Tough Guy With The Bloated Do Nothing GOP cartoon

U.S. Government Grinds to a Stop from COVID-19 As Trust Fails

COVID-19 is threatening to bring the entire government to a grinding halt as more people self-quarantine.While the stock market and the country as a...
hospital ICU Photo by Parentingupstream, Pixabay

COVID-19 Growing Anger over The Response in the United States

COVID-19 Correct response? Many experts are saying point blank, "EVERYTHING SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN!"President Trump is still bragging about how quickly he responded a...
ambulance, F. Muhammad pixabay

COVID-19 Preparing For The Coming Pandemic

I explain about a possible COVID-19 vaccine and point out that face masks are essentially useless so hoarding is silly but you can substitute...
sphygmomanometer, for measuring blood pressure. Image by Ewa Urban from Pixabay

Unprotected Sex Kills, Even Babies Says New CDC STD Report

Babies are dying of syphilis while 2.46 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and other STDs were reported in 2018 according to The U.S....

Impeachment In The U.S. What It Is And What It Isn’t

There are a lot of fanatical rants and much raving on social media about impeachment, President Trump, and the House Democrats.MUCH of the excitement...
Aletsch Glacier, Image by Christian B. from Pixabay

Preparing for Climate Change Reality

Too late to avoid or stop, it is time to cease the blame game and begin to prepare for the inevitable. It is now too...
assault rifle

Should We Hate The Haters or Hate Their Twisted Actions?

Here in the United States the other day for a few seconds, perhaps as much as ten minutes, I thought we had murdered enough...
body fat loss and weight loss

Weight Loss, Where Does the Fat Go?

Weight loss - there are hundreds of diets being pushed on you the second you even hint you might want to drop some of...
frost quakes - midmorning snow accumulation.

Frost Quakes UFOs? Ghosts? Ghoulies? Nah, just cold weather

In the U.S. we are just exiting a period of bone chilling polar vortex temperatures and a lot of people are getting the shakes...
hospital ICU Photo by Parentingupstream, Pixabay

Scurvy – Most ICU Patients are Clinically Short of Vitamin C

Scurvy - Vitamin C is not just for Pirates of Penance Lymeys There used to be a major debate over the need for multivitamin...
photo of roasted coffee beans

Best and Worst 2 Foods – Coffee Good, Brown Rice Bad....

It seems every time you turn around there is another researcher saying something you love is bad for you.BUT I have some really good...
forest fire trees burning

Latest Official US Gov Climate Change Report 2018

Climate change, the official stand of the U.S. government. Here are just a few of the highlights from the official report.Although Punxsutawney, PA, USA...

Romaine Lettuce and Blockchain, What Gives?

Here in the U.S., the Thanksgiving week started out with a major food scare because some people have died of bacteria in food.It turned...
forest fire trees burning

Artificial Paradise Lost – California Fires

Just a month ago the first thing that would strike you as you drove or walked around Paradise, California was the dominant color of...