New York Nepali Poetry Festival, 2013: Grand Event

N & J Entertainment Inc. USA on its eighth anniversary organized the NY Nepali Poetry Festival at Satya Narayan Temple’s auditorium hall located in Queens, New York on November 16, 2013.

The event that began with the National Anthem of Nepal included poetry competition, reading of non-competitive poetries, speeches of some prominent figures highlighting the importance of the Nepali language, literature, arts and culture.

Two prominent figures of the Nepali community in the United States have been honored for the outstanding services they rendered to the community. Child litterateur Himanshu Kunwar has also been honored for his outstanding writings.

The Poetry Festival hosted by the litterateur Mr. Mani Bangdel was given some valuable insights of the Nepali cultures, arts and literature by Mr. Alex Garigilis, the Special Guest of the event and the author of the very popular book, “The World Is My Nation.” The prominent figure of the Nepalese Society in United States Dr. Kamal Pande who chaired the event praised the continuous efforts of the N and J Entertainment Inc. USA to unite the Nepalese in America through its different programs on arts, cultures and Nepali literature.

Many popular poets and poetesses entertained the audience with their poems. Among them who recited the poems are: Mr. Binod Roka, Mrs. Jyoti Poudel, Mrs. Poonam Kaphle, Mr. Keshab Acharya, Mrs. Acharya Prabha, Mrs. Gita Panth, Mr. Bikash Bista, Mrs. Manu Lohorung Rai, Mr. Debendra Limbu, Ms. Sushmita Lamsal, Ms. Suneeta Sharma, Mr. Rajendra Rai, Mr. Debendra Sambahamphe, Mrs. Deepa Rai Pun, Mr. Birendra Labung Limbu and Mr. Chhiring Topke Lama. Singer and the Poet Mr. Rajendra Rai sang a beautiful song, “Buddha’s Vision.”

Three Poetesses Acharya Prabha, Gita Panth and Deepa Rai Pun who were given the responsibility of the judges had to carefully decide the winners of the poetry competition because all the poems recited were very beautiful. However, the audience applauded their selection of the winners. The Judges of the Poetry competition scored Poet Birendra Labung Limbu as the winner, Poetess Sushmita Lamsal (Second Prize Winner) and the Poet Chhiring Topke Lama (Third Prize Winner).

The participants of the 8th NY Nepali Poetry Festival, 2013, praised for the excellent program and wished the organizers to hold such event very often.

Kamala Prasai, from Nepal, now in New York, is a Lyricist and Writer, who has published five books of Nepali poems and plays.