2016 Predictions by World Renowned Medium and Psychic Lindy Baker

An Exclusive Interview with Lindy Baker

Hollywood Sentinel/ Bruce Edwin: Welcome Lindy Baker. For those who are not aware of you, please tell us about who you are and what you do.

Lindy Baker: For the last 35 years I’ve used my special capabilities as a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and medium to advise and guide people of all walks of life through relationship, career, business and personal issues. My Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Teaching locked in my capabilities as a Life Coach, which is my main area of expertise; my other skills are the high-powered kicker. My sessions are normally by phone globally. That makes it convenient for managers and business owners to talk to me during their busy day.

The History of Lindy Baker

Hollywood Sentinel: When and why did you start doing this?

lindy baker.
Lindy Baker. Photo: www.hollywoodsentinel.com

Lindy Baker: As early as in my early childhood years, I displayed an unusual ability to know of future events, along with other personal insights about people that weren’t obvious to others.

In my childhood, however, I learned to keep my insights to myself because doing so brought on criticism from parents and the like (except for my grandma Emma who always listened to me). As early as the age of seven, I thought of people as human beings and my thoughts of myself as someone on the outside, or very oddly different – not human. I had already learned to gauge what I said, based on negative responses from the past. I do have some funny stories about all that.

At 15 years old, I worked in a booth in an amusement park, where I guessed the weight and/or age of the park visitors who would pay a quarter. I think that was my ‘psychic school’. One day the owner of the park watched me from a distance all day. He then came and asked me how I did what I did. I thought I had a formula, but in explaining to him, it was evident to the both of us something else was going on. That occurrence brought something to my conscious world that I wasn’t quite emotionally ready for. I became more reclusive, avoiding people except for very close friends. I kept the things I was seeing to myself for the most part.

I became more open with ‘who I am’ after moving to California in my early twenties. I found people there more open to what is different. It was a safe place for the ‘real me’ to come out. Within months, I worked with a police force to locate a man who was missing. He was found far away in the condition and the location I envisioned him in. After that both police forces in the area and families with missing children or relatives would contact me for my opinion and help.

Eventually I had many people who heard of me from others coming to my home in order to get my advice and insights. We started calling what I did ‘readings’. I had also learned to put cards (regular deck of 52) out and have the people visiting select them. People are okay thinking there are cards doing it – extremely intimidated to think someone can sit across from them and pick their brain for their secrets. I’ve lost some people as close friends who actually said to me they found themselves very intimidated by my abilities.

After numerous years of hundreds of people showing up at my door to speak with me, I found my time consumed and my privacy totally invaded. I just couldn’t turn people away. Raised Catholic, I felt that God would be really mad at me if I did, because after all, so many people felt I was ‘gifted.’ I never thought I was gifted, nor that I had a ‘power.’ Instead, I find it really is a gift to the person I have information for, since having these capabilities has an inherent responsibility toward others. Sometimes I felt like the two-headed lady in an old time circus, people coming out of curiosity to see the freak. Others put me on a pedestal that is unrealistic for any human to live up to.

I started getting overwhelmed with my responsibilities. I had a dream that I needed to charge for my services as I couldn’t continue working full time and caring for my husband and two children with no time off for myself. At that time, in the late ’70s, I started charging $10. To my amazement instead of driving people away, the number of people coming to me increased. It was not until 1994 that I officially made this my full time business and career.

Over the years I came to understand that having these skills is not religious or not religious. I know now that every human being has the same potential to have the same kind of skills, but they must get rid of their limiting beliefs first.

Developing Psychic Ability

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow! Cool. How did you find out you had this special skill and develop it?

Lindy Baker: This special skill truly developed on its own. In my youth, I had no reason to know there was anything different or special about me. I thought I just had a lot of common sense or a higher IQ. How would I know that my thinking abilities were any different than anyone else’s? As various people reacted to things that I said to them, and/or came back to me telling me how what I told them would happen did, I got more confident about ‘being me.’ I also learned to listen to the voice inside of my head and not to go by what I saw with my human eyes. Raised Catholic and spending a tremendous amount of time with the nuns at the Rectory, I was comfortable with the idea that we could talk to Jesus, Mary and the angels and, even more, they heard us.

In the first fifteen years of giving readings, I discovered various capabilities. I found that I take on the physical pains and aches of people sitting across from me and on the phone, that I could see things in photographs other people couldn’t see, that I could see and read the energy field (aura) around people, and so forth. There is also a major something I discovered about emotions and energy while I was on a homicide investigation for the Pomona Police Department.

Over the years, I would conduct experiments. I actually taught classes – more to see if others could also by taught by the methods I discovered. The participants were sort of my guinea pigs.

Working with Police: Remote Viewing

In working with the police forces to find victims, I found that I could ‘remote view’ events and that I did not need to hold on to a tie, a file, or a piece of clothing in order to do that.

Their belief in me helped build the confidence in my skills and take away my being on defense for them. That confidence allows a further expansion of the skills.

Hollywood Sentinel: Are there any mentors you have had in this type of work? If so, who and what did you learn from them?

Lindy Baker: Interestingly enough, most of what I know as a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient simply came from my being me and conducting my own experiments and teaching classes to develop a lot of my skills. I needed to figure out how I knew what I knew, and did what I did, separate from anything to do with religious beliefs, which I considered largely superstitious and stemming from ignorance.

I had a problem in my marriage so I went to a psychic card reader for help. She told me that I had her gifts and would one day be known all over the world by people I had never met in person. Up until that time, I had no idea that what I did every day was considered psychic. Her saying that really scared me. We became friends and I could talk to her about my weirdness. To the two of us, what we did was normal.

The only other person I could say was a mentor was my grandmother, who let me know she understood and loved my being different. I actually saw her death before she died, and she knew it, too. We talked about it in-depth two days before she died. (I’ve been working on an autobiography for some time and hope to have that book out soon, which details that story and many others).

Christopher Howard, who is a world renowned instructor in neuro-linguistic programming, took what I learned from Krasner and James to a whole new level. In Howard’s class of Platform and Presentation Skills, which was a 40-hour intensive, and his NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs, I learned about the physical areas such as body language and how human behavior develops and can be changed when beliefs change.

There were no mentors in any field such as psychics, etc. that really mentored me. Usually I stay away from any kind of organized groups, since I believe most psychic groups have a tendency to view these abilities as something magical and Mystical – and therefore follow, what are to me, archaic ad superstitious beliefs. Stuart Wilde (now deceased) mentored in the fact that he wrote on metaphysical and empowering subjects. My favorite book of his is, “The Quickening.” His philosophies match much of what I taught in my Mind Magic classes back in the ’80s.

A Word to Skeptics

Hollywood Sentinel: To skeptics, how can you explain that what you do works and is real?

Lindy Baker: Most often skeptics leave my sessions no longer skeptic. My attitude is that sooner or later I will say something that I could not have possibly known and you’ll be stuck believing. My explanation is that when God created man, he gave him Mind, Intellect, which set him apart from all other living things. That mind has many capabilities that have been limited by superstition and ignorance for centuries. Some religions actually teach that we are made in the image and likeness of God.

I’d also remind skeptics that many people believed that the world was flat and killed anyone that questioned that. Time helps Truth reveal itself. For those who want to base who I am in religion, I’d remind them that Noah definitely had a psychic vision about a flood, Jesus himself was said to have told Peter that in the future, Peter would deny him. There are so many ‘prediction’ stories in The Bible. After reading the entire Bible, I had new confidence that who I am is nothing out of the ordinary. The Bible is rife with people seeing spirits and having visions. I don’t see why things would be any different today.

Early man thought fire was a god. I’m sure it was a blow to many that there is a scientific explanation for what a fire really is.

Furthermore, no one heard of psychotherapy until a little over a century ago, when Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung pioneered the studies. We now have studies and research proving the capabilities of the human mind and how behavior affects our choices.

Howard Gardner led research into the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. I’d suggest skeptics read more on the subjects of psychology, behavior, and Multiple Intelligences.

As we get a better grip on our knowledge of the human mind, I think being psychic is going to be pretty accepted as normal and natural in the future. In fact, I think in the future if you aren’t using your psychic ability, you’ll be considered one of the ‘village idiots.’

Predictions That Came True

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. What are some notable predictions you have made, and please cite any proof of them if possible.

Lindy Baker: For at least a year prior to the bombings in New York City, I talked about “the bombings in New York City that would change the world as we know it.” I spoke with men that I knew in the Navy Seals about my visions in an attempt to thwart it. I have tape recordings sent to me by clients of their sessions in my possession where I am talking about those bombings. I had one man, the CEO of a major distribution management company, brave enough to sign an affidavit that I did, in fact, talk to him on the subject. I also had visions of a huge tsunami that would kill thousands. I spoke to close friends about my overwhelming sadness. I have many testimonials that have been sent to me over the years. Some are on my website super-intuition dot com and others are filed away.

Visit the official website at: www.LindyBaker.com.

After being powerless to stop the September 11 bombings, I now steer away from public predictions. Why bother announcing predictions if you have no power to stop what is going to happen? Why bother if people don’t want to listen and try to change things so bad things don’t happen? My work is centered on the individual and what we ‘can’ change.

Predictions for 2016

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. What is your general prediction for the safety and security of America during this year we are now in of 2016, in relation to threats such as natural disasters, war, and terrorist threats?

Lindy Baker: First off, it’s important to again note that I work one-on-one with people of all walks of life to help them find their happiest and most successful path in their life. In doing so, I may get a vision about some impending disaster, war or terroristic threat, but these days, I post it in social media and then dismiss it. I’ve learned I’m just a guppy in an ocean of powerful people. Though I have made predictions in the past, I no longer care to join the ranks of those who wish to create drama and fear. If making a prediction gets people to organize and ‘stop’ it, or something can be done to prevent it, then I’ll participate in predicting publicly again.

That said, I’ll give two predictions for this interview that I think are either positive or that we can change, even though I find it difficult to center on the future right now as I see too much chaos, hate and violence. My ways lean to peace and silent action.

Massive Changes in the Presidential Election

The upcoming election for President rewrites the history of the United States. The voting system as we have known it collapses. It is quite likely that as President Obama’s term ends, we have no decision on who our next president will be because no one gets the required number of votes. The Twelfth Amendment provides for what happens if the Electoral College fails to elect a president or vice president. If no candidate receives a majority for president, then the House of Representatives will select the president, with each state delegation (instead of each representative) having only one vote. We’ll have the attention of all the countries of the world like never before. Whoever becomes President of the United States determines how soon we have World War III.

An End to ISIL

In another vision recently, I saw that ISIL is going to implode. That might sound impossible, but as they say, ‘Truth is stranger than fiction.’ (Remember, people didn’t believe me when I spoke of the bombings in New York either.) Something happens internally within their ranks and brings on the ending of that organization. As of this date, I have not seen if that is something another world organization institutes, but I really got the sense that destiny or the will of God takes care of that blight on the Earth.

Hollywood Sentinel: What areas of particular concern if any should people look out for in 2016, and what can we do to be better prepared?

Lindy Baker: Instead of always blaming everything on government, take action. Vote, write your elected officials about your opinions, do what you can to show love for the planet by recycling. Take responsibility for your life. There isn’t some Supreme Being out there doing things. You are doing things. People are doing things. Our environment is really the biggest issue. Greed and profitability are keeping us from using solar and electric power for our homes and transportation. Earth can’t take much more abuse, and we’ll see major shifts in the poles along with earthquakes and other natural disasters. It’s not God doing it… is the things that each and every one of us do and use daily.

Developing Your Psychic Power

Hollywood Sentinel: How do you think one can become more psychic?

Lindy Baker: That subject requires a very long answer. Rather than publish my book within this interview, I’ll state this about it. Stop thinking that it is some ‘thing’ that is possible for other people and not for you. Embrace your own natural intuitive capability. Listen.

Stop talking and listen to your own voices in your head, to what other people are saying. Keep a journal, noting every word that goes through your mind. You only need a paragraph a day. Notice everything about your own five senses. These days there are many books on this subject. Read them and believe half of what they say. Only believe what you see recurring in your own life. If it makes your life better without fear, without pain, use it. Sign up on my website to get my emails. Read some of the articles I have posted there. In fact, that’s the best advice yet!

Angels, Demons, Heaven or Hell

Hollywood Sentinel: Do you believe in angels, demons, heaven, hell? Why or why not?

Lindy Baker: For the most part, I don’t believe in demons or hell. I am shamelessly optimistic, so look for and find the good and beautiful in the world and teach others how to also do that.

Being evil is easy; being good quite more difficult. I believe certain ‘humans’ are demons and evil and create hell for others. I love to believe in angels and spirits, mainly because I talk to spirits all the time and refuse to believe I’m crazy anymore, since things they tell me about other people and myself have proven out time and time again. I have seen spirits and talk to them ever since I can remember. They’ve always helped me with my life, and always in a good way – although sometimes some goofy thoughts or words from them or my unconscious mind haven’t turned out as well as I expected them to!

From my experience, I haven’t run into any demons, only some really bad people here and there, but the spirits have always been fun and enlightening. My indoctrination in Catholicism ran deep, so it’s just convenient to think of other beings around me as angels. I’ve had the realization that when we die, we live on without a body. It is just another life form and that life form is neither bad nor good. All events are neutral. We then decide for ourselves if it was good or bad.

This is another very deep and long subject to get into so the opinions I’ve offered here are a very meager summary of my beliefs.

Life After Death

Hollywood Sentinel: What do you believe happens to a person after death?

I think after we die that there is this energy that lives on…for that for lack of a better word, I’d refer to as a soul. It’s as if we are the same people, we just don’t have a body anymore. I have a plethora of recordings of messages I am passing on that are really quite accurate with the information they contain about the people I am speaking to. Things I could not possibly know. Since I’ve done this all my life, I am totally convinced our life force continues in spirit until our next embodiment.

I’ve heard stories that if a spirit sticks around, it’s because they are a lost soul and need to go on to the Light or such. The spirits I talk to laugh about that. They said they already know where the Light is better than the person telling them to find the Light.

Usually that type of person has a huge ego and is attempting to believe they have a power greater than they have. Spirits simply stick around because they can. They don’t often know everything or only come with great wisdom. Sometimes they just come to chat the same as you would if you were walking down the street and ran into a friend. Many of them have a sense of humor and are very light hearted in nature.

Everything in the world has a cycle of death, or hibernation, and rebirth. Why should we be any different? I’m positive that with all our discoveries and enhanced methods of using technology, we will one day soon be able to video these spirits and have visual conversations that verify their existence. I think in some part of the world this is already happening.

Lindy Baker: Legacy of Helping Others

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. How do you want to be remembered?

Lindy Baker: I’d like to be remembered as that funny and wise lady that helped so many people find a better way to make choices and live their life – that taught them a better way to think and helped them soar – that understood and cared for them. I’d like to be remembered like a very important member of their family, because that is who each and every client and friend of mine is – family.

There’s a saying, “You live so long as you are remembered.” I’d like to be that person remembered for the sensitive and kind person she was, who was one of the pioneers in teaching others the true power of thought and the potential to build their own Garden of Eden.

For more information on Lindy Baker, contact:

her by phone at 858-272-6463, And visit the official website at: www.LindyBaker.com.