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Bruce Edwin is CEO of Starpower Management; a full service celebrity model and talent management, publishing, public relations, and motion picture production company based in Los Angeles, California. www.StarpowerManagementLLC.com   www.BruceEdwin.com Telephone: (+1) 310-226-7176, StarpowerManagementLLC at gmail dot com. www.HollywoodSentinel.com (archives: www.TheHollywoodSentinel.com)This content is ©2009-2023, Bruce Edwin Productions, Hollywood Sentinel, all world rights reserved. Bruce Edwin, Hollywood Sentinel, and affiliates make no claims and assume no liability for any content herein, including, but not limited to inserts, photos, or hyperlinks.
couple on bike miami

Elite Connections: Free Valentines Day Meet Up for Singles

Elite Connections, a premier matchmaking service based in Los Angeles, is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. Founded in 1994 by entrepreneur...
Vruir Tadevosian

Filmmaker Vruir Tadevosian Travels to Armenia

Filmmaker Vruir Tadevosian Bravely Travels to Armenia, after news of the escalation there, to be with his family, and document the situation.The Armenian National...

Cruel World Festival Delivers Massive Music Power

The Cruel World Festival returned May 20 and 21, for a second year in a row, delivering massive excitement and power, creating great memories...
Photo Credit: Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view from Los Angeles, USA

How to Get a Guy Interested In You by Elite Connections

How to get a guy interested in you, may be a task you find challenging as a woman. Elite Connections, one of the world's most esteemed matchmakers, provides here free advice on how to get attention from a man, and how to get a guy interested in you.
lorenzo marini art detail

Italy’s Pop Art Master: Lorenzo Marini Conquers the West

World renowned Pop artist Lorenzo Marini created the "Type Art" movement, for which he wrote the official manifesto, and is widely known.
veera michael cimorelli

Healing from Abuse with “Unreported” Author Veera Mahajan

Healing from Abuse with "Unreported" Learning to Live Free" Author Veera Mahajan is the topic of today's story, as we lightly touch on how...
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Should You Spank Your Child? “Unreported” Author Veera Mahajan Reveals

Quandry: Spank your child or not? Should you spank your child? This is a debate that has grown more relevant in recent years. Today, Veera...
Ifa Foundation International

Ifa Foundation International Hosts Life-Changing Public Event

Ola Olu; the largest outdoor temple for the African Traditional Religion (ATR) of Ifa in North America, and monumental spiritual headquarters of The Ifa...
rah cozy. image c/o rahtwofive.

RahTwoFive Debuts Captivating New Music Video: “Call”

Los Angeles based singer RahTwoFive has released a captivating new music video this week titled "Call," seen here. Rah did an interview, exclusive to...
Image: RaH TwoFive. Photo Credit: Xavier Owens, used with kind courtesy of RaH.

DJ Khaled Hosts Kids Choice Awards: Teams with RahTwoFive

Music Mogul DJ Khaled will host Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards tonight Saturday, March 23rd at 8pm Pacific and Eastern time, taped live from the...
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Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Abuse: Exclusive Interview with Author Veera...

How do you break the cycle of domestic abuse? Self-Help Author Veera Mahajan explains in this exclusive interview here below, as well as in...
veera mahajan.

How To Improve Self-Esteem? UNREPORTED Author Veera Mahajan Explains

How do you improve self-esteem? "UNREPORTED" author Veera Mahajan explains that in this exclusive interview. In addition explains how to gain a positive mental...
Angela Northrup (Regional Executive Director at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital) Fisher Pence (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital), Kassandra Voyagis (actress), Scott Diament (President / CEO; Palm Beach Show Group), Gavin Rossdale (actor, singer; Bush, Institute), Kate Beckinsale (actress: Pearl Harbor, Underworld), Kim Martindale (Producer / Partner; LA Art Show). Image provided to The Hollywood Sentinel with kind courtesy of the LA Art Show.

2019 LA Art Show Thrills with Kate Beckinsale and Many More

The 2019 LA Art Show returned this year, delighting gallerists, and thrilling the public with an exciting, five day whirlwind of non-stop action, sales,...
veera swimsuit

How to Spot Abusers? Author Veera Mahajan Reveals

Just how does a person spot abusers in relationships? "Unreported: Learning to LIVE" Author Veera Mahajan reveals how, here below in this exclusive story...
rah fashion. image c/o rahtwofive.

Fashion Designer and Rapper RahTwoFive Discusses Sade

Fashion Designer and Rapper RahTwoFive's new album "Cozy Season" is getting great praise from many music insiders and executives from both coasts. He gives...
rah cozy. image c/o rahtwofive.

Hollywood Rapper RahTwoFive Gives Away Free Album to NewsBlaze Readers

Hollywood Rapper RahTwoFive Gives Away Free Album "Cozy Season" here below to NewsBlaze Readers, as a show of thanks for his appreciation to his...
RaH Standing

RahTwoFive Releases New Album, and New Fashion Line

Recording Artist RaH TwoFive raps success against all odds. In addition, there is a new fashion line at his clothing label, and he has...
Christmas Time Brings New Music Cozy Season with Rah TwoFive. Photo c/o Rah.

Christmas Time Brings New Music Cozy Season with Rah TwoFive

Christmas Time Music Christmas Time is bringing new music, "Cozy Season," with Rah TwoFive; the title of his new album set to release later this...
Author Veera Mahajan

Stopping Domestic Violence 100% with Author Veera Mahajan

Domestic Violence is largely an unreported crime. Today, cultural leader Veera Mahajan, who has dedicated her life to stopping domestic violence 100%; helps bring...
Image: RaH TwoFive. Photo Credit: Xavier Owens, used with kind courtesy of RaH.

Law of Attraction with Rapper Rah TwoFive: The Exclusive Interview

Rising Rap Star Rah TwoFive discusses his latest video with Zay Hilfigerrr, and the Law of Attraction, in this exclusive interview for NewsBlaze. He...