Should You Spank Your Child? “Unreported” Author Veera Mahajan Reveals

Quandry: Spank your child or not?

Should you spank your child? This is a debate that has grown more relevant in recent years. Today, Veera Mahajan, author of “Unreported: Learning to Live Free,” answers that question here, for readers of NewsBlaze.

Should you spank your child? Veera answers.
Veera Mahajan; Author of “Unreported: Learning to Live Free.” Photo Credit: Yasmeeneh Rossi.

Time Magazine reportedly says that spanking children is fine. More enlightened educators and better-trained leaders however, when asked, “should you spank your child?” are – more and more, saying “No,” that spanking a child amounts to child abuse. “Unreported” Author Veera Mahajan Reveals her philosophy on the matter, among more, here below.

Veera also explains how to increase one’s self-esteem in this exclusive interview with her here below, also, to explain a bit about her life, and what it has been like for her emerging from a victim, to a victor.

About Veera Mahajan

Highly praised Author, Mediator, and Public Speaker; Veera Mahajan is one of Malibu’s most active and important leaders. The intelligent, beautiful woman is also the author of the critically acclaimed book “Unreported: Learning to LIVE Free,” about recognizing and overcoming domestic abuse, and stopping domestic violence before it begins. Veera Mahajan is also a highly praised Educator, Mediator, and Publisher, having created and published the landmark publication “Malibu Chronicle.”

As noted earlier on NewsBlaze, signs to look for as detailed by “UNREPORTED” author Veera Mahajan, that are worth repeating, are the following:

– Abusers may beg you for forgiveness
– Abusers may try to buy your love back with gifts
– Abusers may shower you with praise
– Abusers may then hurt you physically or emotionally all over again

Veera did an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Sentinel recently, and the following text below is an excerpt of that highly valuable, important and educational discussion, concerning how to improve one’s life through self-esteem, and an answer regarding the debate of, “Should children be spanked?”

Hollywood Sentinel: There is a debate concerning parenting, regarding corporal punishment. Some see this as abuse, whereas others do not. Do you feel that a child should be spanked at school or home? If so, why, and if not, why not and what is the solution to discipline?

Veera Mahajan: I am not for corporal punishment. If we listen and talk peacefully, I think we can also teach our children how to listen and talk their differences out. We do not need to scream, fight, and hit to make our point.

When we scream at our children or hit them, I think we are frustrated at our own failure at the ability to communicate. In the process, we teach our children that that is the correct way to be heard or respected. So the problem keeps going on an and on throughout the generations. We need to stop the use of force and anger, and learn to listen to our children, and teach them how to listen too.

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“UNREPORTED; Learning to LIVE” Author Veera Mahajan, Photo Credit: Leonard Monje, all rights reserved, 2019.

In the audio interview here below from Hollywood Sentinel, conducted exclusively for NewsBlaze, Veera discusses how her mother first read her book and what that was like, and if there a quick fix to raise one’s self-esteem to stop tolerating abuse.

Listen here:

Listen to another interview with author Veera Mahajan, exclusively for NewsBlaze, here below:

“UNREPORTED; Learning to LIVE Free”

Veera states, “Since the very beginning, we are made to feel bad about taking care of ourselves. We are told it is selfish if we think about our own happiness. So we learn to take care of other people, and when we don’t get the care back, we start building resentment. We expect people we care about to care about us, and when we don’t get it, we are disappointed and hate it. Hate makes us fight and be mean to each other. If we teach our children to love themselves, they will have better expectations from their relationships. We expect less than respect because we don’t love ourselves enough to believe that we deserve the best.”

Veera adds; “It is important to be optimistic most of the time. When you or anyone is working hard and smart towards any goal, and you have setbacks on the way, it is good to stay optimistic and not give up. You learn from your mistake of what not to do, and what to do next time until you reach your goal.”

We do not need to scream, fight, and hit to make our point. When we scream at our children or hit them, I think we are frustrated at our own failure at the ability to communicate.” – Veera Mahajan; Author of “Unreported: Learning to Live Free”

Good Physical Health Improves Good Mental Health

Veera states, “Taking care of your physical self lets you see positive results. Once you learn that positive things happen with healthy habits, it teaches you to build a healthy and positive attitude towards everything else you do in life. So, I think to maintain a positive attitude; maintain a healthy body. It takes a positive self-image and positive mental attitude to maintain good physical health.”

Veera Mahajan; Author of “Unreported: Learning to Live Free.” Photo Credit; Michael Cimorelli.

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