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Kamala Prasai
Kamala Prasai, from Nepal, now in New York, is a Lyricist and Writer, who has published five books of Nepali poems and plays.
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Six Year Old Nepali-American Boy Presents Music Video Album, ‘Love You...

N & J Entertainment Inc. USA presented a massive program - Pravasi Des Prem Sahityik Mahotsav - today at Sherpa Kyidug, Jackson Height, Queens,...

New York Nepali Poetry Festival, 2013: Grand Event

On the eighth anniversary of the NY Nepali Poetry Festival at Satya Narayan Temple auditorium in Queens, Nepalis honored friends and community activists.

Bicentennial of the Great Poet Bhanu Bhakta Celebrated in Nepal

The conference presided by the President of the INLS Litterateur Kamala Prasai was participated by the various literary figures of Nepali language including its central committee members and some distinguished guests.

New INLS Central Executive Committee Announced

The International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) got its new Executive Committee amidst the 199TH Bhanu Jayanti (Festival). This Committee came into existence following the brainstorming exercise of the INLS life members.

Let ‘International Women’s Day’ Be The Wake-Up Call

Without the contributions of women, the family cannot move a single inch, the society will lose the harmony, the nation will turn into a battle field and the world might crumble down.

Literature Needs a Flag for Glory

If it sounds reasonable, why not we also have the flag for our glory, a Flag of Literature?

Buddha is Synonymous With Nepal (Faith Never Fades Away)

The best-seller book, 'The Post American World' by Dr. Fareed Zakaria, published in 2008, recently created controversy among the Buddhist community throughout the world.

President Obama: Hope for The World: Communism Rising

The South Asian continent is not out of anti-US phobia. Besides being a villain in the eyes of the Islamist Jihadists, the US is seen as responsible for any misery of the South Asian continent by the champions of the proletariats.

The Founder of Nepal

Nepal, the God's creation, which was decorated, expanded and protected by our forefathers. They have handed Nepal to us in a beautiful shape.

King is The Light of Nepal

Nepal is a small and beautiful nation. Its tradition and culture are very rich. To preserve Nepal's rich culture, tradition and its beauty, Kings have been the divine gift.

Kids are God’s Gift

Kids are God's gift. They are joy of the present day and they are the future. Kids are precious to the bond of family. The US laws provide kids special consideration.

Demand for The Culture and Tradition Friendly Nepal

The way King loves Nepali land, the political leaders never did and will never do. The testimony to this is the 2046 (1990) people's movement-1.

No Nepal sans King

We, Nepali women diaspora strongly believe that Nepal has no future sans Monarchy. Nepal will lose its existence as a sovereign independent nation.