President Obama: Hope for The World: Communism Rising

The American people had so much expectation from Mr. Barrack Obama. They thought the talent of Mr. Obama was exactly what they needed. However, they were concerned about the economy and social issues of the US more than anything else.

Concerned about social security, health insurance and employment related problems, the crumbling US economy made Americans worried more than anything else. They placed Mr. Obama in the world’s busiest job in anticipation that he would bail them out from economic hardship. Therefore, President Obama’s top priority will definitely be on devising the policies that guarantee the well-being of Americans. President Obama’s guarantee of the second term relies upon this very fact.

Similarly, the people of the world are also looking towards the Obama administration for its support in the economic development package. The ‘Third World’ is affected by the slowdown of the world economy. They lack the strength to cope with the present crumbling economy.

Out of the bad economy, the ‘Third World’ is seeing a rise in frustrations among their people. The frustrations prompted out of the bad economy always leads to the rapid rise of organizations with the proletariats taking control. And these organizations invariably lay the responsibility for their bad economy on the United States.

The nexus between the rulers of the countries and the US is what the proletariat organizations always see for the bad state of their economy. This is how so many youths are lured towards the proletariat organizations. They are invariably anti-American. The US is neo-imperialist in their eyes.

The South Asian continent is not out of anti-US phobia. Besides being a villain in the eyes of the Islamist Jihadists, the US is seen as responsible for any misery of the South Asian continent by the champions of the proletariats. It is the habit of human beings to lay responsibility on the strongest. The US is the sole super-power and thus they say it has to bear the blame, even though in many cases the blame is not credible.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the US policy of containing the communist virus had a little shift. For them, it was as if the virus had been eradicated. In reality the viruses are ever increasing. The growing numbers of the proletariats should be taken care of. Otherwise, the achievements of the 90s political development throughout the world have no meaning. The era of development in democracies has to be continued.

For the sake of the South Asian people, the United States as the sole super-power must help remove the obstacles against development of democracies. Thus, containing the rise in Maoist proletariats is what the Obama administration should consider while devising it’s South Asia policy.

Nepali Women Diaspora

Kamala Prasai
Kamala Prasai, from Nepal, now in New York, is a Lyricist and Writer, who has published five books of Nepali poems and plays.