Literature Needs a Flag for Glory

Each and every nation has a national flag. Their national flags symbolize for victory, peace, friendship and so on. Some flags are triangular, many of them are square, and my country Nepal has double triangular shaped flag which is very unique. Its colors, the symbols of sun and crescent moon indicate Nepal’s glorious history. The political parties have their flags to attract people towards the ideologies they carry. When the leaders of the parties pass away they are honored by covering party flag and sometimes with the National flag.

I was writing a poem on National Flag and all of a sudden I was diverted towards the flags of many countries, organizations, sports clubs, etc. My mind slowly crossed-over through the different foundations, organizations that work for the literature. But none of them has a flag. They have Logos in a cloth but they don’t represent the inner feelings of a flag. I believe internationally, the flag that represents the Literature should be in place.

When the programs and events are being organized, the placing of literary flag at the venue can easily indicate that such events or programs are taking place. Its uses could be related to different purposes. This is just my simple idea that we should have the Flag of Literature. I ask the litterateurs around the world to think about this. If it sounds reasonable, why not we also have the flag for our glory, a Flag of Literature?

Kamala Prasai, from Nepal, now in New York, is a Lyricist and Writer, who has published five books of Nepali poems and plays.