French Father Brings His Daughter’s Rapist to Justice – By Kidnapping

In 1981, John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted began his crime-fighting crusade after the kidnapping and murder of his six-year-old son Adam.

A year later, Andre Bamberski found out that his 14-year-old daughter Kalinka was raped and murder by her stepfather, Dr. Dieter Krombach. For almost 30 years, Bamberski has been dedicated to avenging his daughter and give her the justice she deserves. However, Krombach turned down the French police’s requests for questioning since day one. According to The New York Times, the German government decided to not extradite him because they believed there is no evidence tying him to Kalinka.

Frustrated by the restraints of the legal system, 74-year-old Bamberski decided to take the law into his own hands by kidnapping Krombach outside his home in Germany, personally escorting him across the border to France, and taking him to the police station.

Krombach, 76, has been labeled a sexual predator in Germany, which includes a conviction for drugging and raping a teenage patient in 1997; his license was suspended and also prohibited to practice for two years. Several women came forward following the trial with similar accusations dated back through the 1980s and 1990s.

Though he will face kidnapping charges, Bamberski will help the French prosecution make its case against Krombach as “a sexual deviant” and “a Lothario” preying on teenage girls.

Garrett Godwin is an entertainment journalist, who writes for NewsBlaze about television and people in the entertainment industry, from his home state of Michigan. Contact Garrett by writing to NewsBlaze.