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Garrett Godwin is an entertainment journalist, who writes for NewsBlaze about television and people in the entertainment industry, from his home state of Michigan. Contact Garrett by writing to NewsBlaze.
Wes Craven, 1939 2015

Legendary Horror Director Wes Craven Dies At 76

The writer/director is known for his reputation as a master of horror thanks to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise with Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger.

Baby #2 for Kim & Kanye … and Bruce Jenner Becomes...

This will be the second child for her and husband Kanye West, whom she married a year ago. The newlywed couple are the parents of their daughter North, who will turn two next month.

NBC Renews ‘Special Victims Unit’

Now, Deadline is reporting that NBC is looking to reboot the original 'Law & Order' as a limited series like the upcoming 'Heroes: Reborn' and last summer's 'Live Another Day;' both were reboots of fan favorites '24' and 'Heroes.'

MTV Picks up ‘Scream’ As a Series Set for 2015 Debut

Released in 1996, 'Scream' made Neve Campbell the new 'scream queen' in the role of Sidney Prescott, a young woman targeted by the 'Ghostface', a serial killer who has seen too many scary movies.
drugs designed to be addicting

Time to ‘Go Now’ With ‘Bipolar’ Producer Ross McKenzie

The Bipolarized documentary creates awareness of blind spots and pitfalls plaguing traditional mental health care so more informed decisions can be made.
new kids on the block

New Kids on the Block ‘Hangin’ Tough’ on Hollywood Walk of...

Like New Edition, NKOTB paved the way for NSYNC and Backstreet Boys throughout the next decade and beyond

‘Rush Hour’ TV Series in the Works

Released in 1998, 'Rush Hour' starred international martial arts superstar Jackie Chan as Inspector Lee and comedian Chris Tucker as his friend and partner James Carter. The film was a hit with critics and audiences worldwide, and spawned 2001's

Time to ‘Go Now’ with Kim Roberts

Garrett Godwin interviews Kim Roberts who is the 2014 Trailblazer Honoree at the 14th annual ReelWorld Film Festival

CBS Begins Early Stages of ‘NCIS’ Spin-Off Produced By Mark Harmon

Now, star and executive producer Mark Harmon is gearing up for more NCIS, as he and fellow executive producer Gary Glasberg are in the works of developing another spin-off of television's #1 show - this time, in New Orleans.

Cle Bennett Works Both Sides of The Law on ‘Rookie Blue’...

Cle Bennett playing the role of Xavier Reed - a.k.a. 'The Mayor' -, a total badass!

Cote de Pablo Resigns from ‘NCIS’

'Tiva' fans are about to be disappointed, as Cote de Pablo decides to not renew her contract to return for NCIS' eleventh season.

‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ Comes to OWN...

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) announced Wednesday that the first 40 episodes of both soaps will start airing on July 15 for a period of ten weeks, with at 1pm and at 3pm.

Claudja Barry Answers If Jamaica is a ‘Losing Paradise’

Music has long been used as a tool to comment on life as it is seen socially and politically, but today it seems that the artists are dictating to their fans what social behavior should be.
Beautiful World Canada Logo02

Sara Dunkley Tries to Give Canadian Children a ‘Beautiful World’

How does this foundation will help children from all walks of life show that this is indeed a 'Beautiful World', though the world has been filled with war, violence, and tragedy?
Alice Shih at the 2006 ReelWorld Film Festival

Time to ‘Go Now’ with Alice Shih

How does it feel to receive the Reelworld Visionary Award 'the face of Canada' - especially where racial and cultural diversity, and inspiration are concerned?

Time to ‘Go Now’ with INFINITE

My real name is D. Francis, otherwise known as Infinite. The reason why I'm truly 'Infinite' is because there are no limits to what I can do.

CBS Renews ‘NCIS’ for 11th season

Created by Donald P. Bellisario, NCIS is the spin-off of the long-running military courtroom drama JAG: centering on a team of federal agents investigating crimes in the military.
Kalista Press

Time to ‘Go Now’ with Kalista Zackhariays

Garrett Godwin with 'Go Now' shares an interview that he conducted with Kalista Zackhariays 'The Youth Code' with NewsBlaze readers.
Haley Small

Time to ‘Go Now’ With Music Newcomer Haley Small

Some of my main musical influences were Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Toni Braxton, Musiq Soulchild, Brandy. They were all music that my parents listened to.

Time to ‘Go Now’ with Inspirational Lifestyles, Inc. President Diane Di...

Guided meditation is a way of quieting your mind and connecting with your inner self and your higher source. It is a tool to help you relax. Its like a mini retreat for your mind, body, emotions, and soul.