‘Rush Hour’ TV Series in the Works

Brett Ratner could be heading back to ‘Rush Hour’ – this time, on the small screen. According to Deadline, the director is collaborating with ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Cougar Town’ creator/executive producer Bill Lawrence in bringing the popular film franchise as a weekly television series.

The premise: the fastest hands in the East meets the biggest mouth in the West, as a strait-laced Hong Kong cop teams up with a streetwise, smart-aleck black LAPD detective to fight crime and injustice.

Released in 1998, ‘Rush Hour’ starred international martial arts superstar Jackie Chan as Inspector Lee and comedian Chris Tucker as his friend and partner James Carter. The film was a hit with critics and audiences worldwide, and spawned 2001’s ‘Rush Hour 2’ and 2007’s ‘Rush Hour 3’; there have been talks/rumors of a planned fourth installment.

The popularity of ‘Rush Hour’ led to the CBS series ‘Martial Law’ with Sammo Hung and Arsenio Hall. The show aired on Saturday nights alongside Chuck Norris’ ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ (there was a crossover between the two shows), but ‘Martial Law’ was canceled in 2000 after just two seasons.

Garrett Godwin
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