Conciliation Resources and Cross-LoC Traders To Organize Joint Federation

The Conciliation Resources (UK) with support of its regional advisers and partner organisations -Indus Research Foundation, Jammu and Centre for Peace, Development and Reforms, Mirpur -has assisted the Cross-LoC traders in Jammu and Kashmir to organise a Joint Federation, the list of whose members is given below.

The formation of the Federation of Cross-LoC traders is a follow up to the Istanbul Agreement of November 2011 on formation of Joint Chamber. It was agreed in the Istanbul Agreement, facilitated by the Conciliation Resources, that there shall be a Federation of Cross-LoC traders to become a constituent part of the Joint Chamber.

Though Joint Chamber got interim representation from the Cross-LoC traders drawn from all four trading points on both sides of Line of Control totaling eight members, but coming up of traders from all points as a single organization was a challenge in terms of time and logistical. With support of local leaders of the traders under coordination of Pawan Anand, the IRF and CPDR led the process to get the nominations to the Federation through consultations as elections were not possible for lack of travel access across the Line of Control.

The Federation of Cross-LoC Traders, therefore, is initially comprised of 60 members -15 each from all trading points on both sides of the Line of Control. The Federation is open for expansion and more members shall be added when the traders have the opportunity of meeting on the Zero Line as per the agreed Standard Operating Procedures.

LoC Crossing Point: Tetrinote

1. Sardar Kazim

2. Akhtar Hussain Shah

3. Mohammad Sarfaraz

4. Wahid Anwar

5. Sahil Taufeeq Abbas Kazmi

6. Mohammad Sarwar Khan

7. Hameed Raza Hashmi

8. Mohammad Waqar Khan

9. Choudhary Abdul Latief

10. Mehmood Ahmed Dar

11. Zardar Abbasi

12. Choudhary Mohammad Akbar

13. Qari Ashiq Hussain

14. Assad Hanif

15. Masood Hussain

16. Sardar Saghir Khan

LoC Crossing Point: Chakan-da-Bagh

1. Pawan Anand

2. Rajiv Tandon

3. Sardar Kishen Singh

4. Mohammad Sayeed

5. Haji Munshi

6. Mohammad Asim

7. Kaveen Dutta

8. Sehdev Singh Chib

9. Sheraz Ahmed Khan

10. Rajinder Vaid

11. Mohinder Singh

12. Mohammad Shafi

13. Munshi Khan

14. Mohammad Amin Magrey

15. Kabir Din

LoC Crossing Point: Chakoti

1. Pervez Ahmed Shah

2. Nazir Ahmed Bhatt

3. Khurshid Akram Mir

4. Raja Hussain Shaheen

5. Ajaz Ahmed Shah

6. Reyaz Ahmed Dar

7. Hilal Ahmed Peerzada

8. Javed Iqbal Bhatt

9. Ajaz Ahmed Mir

10. Mohammad Nayeem Abbasi

11. iddress Ghani Dar

12. Basharat Rehman Shah

13. Mubarak Awan

14. Mahmood Akhtar Khokar

15. Mr. Rashid Mir

LoC Crossing Point: Salamabad

1. Mohammad Tariq Khan

2. Hilal Ahmed Khan Turkie

3. Raja Zahoor Khan

4. Khurshid Ahmed Dar

5. Farooq Ahmed Baga

6. Manzoor Ahmed Khan

7. Tariq Ahmed Lone

8. Mohammad Sayed Khan

9. Tariq Ahmed Shaikh

10. Rashid Ali Zargar

11. Sardar Gurvinder Singh

12. Arshad Peer

13. Ashwani Rekhi

14. Asif Lone

15. Tajjamul Masoodi