Without Anti-Nation Accusation, Nepalese PM Dr. Bhattarai Can’t Quit

To analyse the reality, there is no basis to displace Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, who has lost his honor of the post after the dissolution of constituent assembly. Interim constitution is now dead as CA is dissolved. Even if he is displaced on the basis of dead interim constitution, it does not mention any provision for it.

Along with CA, the interim constitution and posts elected by CA like Prime minister, President etc have been dismissed. However there is no probability to quit by Baburam Bhattarai from the post of premiership. He is known as a most incompetent and suspicious culprit political actor in Nepalese politics.

Yes, it is a matter of grief, as a prime minister, the nonsense technocrat Babauram Bhattarai just destroyed the country. In the year of 2006 in Delhi, Bhattarai initiated 12 point agreement that made Maoist, UML and Congress leaders and so on. Since then unbearable games like republic and secularism were begun in Nepal.

In fact Baburam Bhattarai is guilty of acting against the state. Bhattarai is become criminal of ending the existence of Nepal on the direction of Indian intelligence, European countries and Christians. Being a catholic Christian, he wants Christianization of Nepal through the conflicts of ethnicity based federalism. Actually, no one traitor, except Baburam Bhattarai was in post of prime minister of Nepal.

On the direction of Indian intelligence, scattered Madhesis leaders who are followers of India were gathered and 4 point agreement was made to be Dr. Bhattarai as a PM of Nepal. As he became prime minister just a day after 4 point agreement he initiated to incorporate 10000 Madeshis in Nepalese army, supported anti-national slogan ‘One Madhesh singe province’ and displaced national dress of Nepal. He decided to demolish the statue of Father of nation King Tribhuvan insulting him. King Tribhuvan has made great contribution in revolution of 2007 BS. He denied accepting national unity day and the birth occasion of the founder of big Nepal the great King Prithbinarayan Shah. He tried to implement AD instead of BS. He protected murderers, kidnappers and corrupts and incorporated in his cabinet. Actually Bhattarai obstructing formulation of constitution by CA pulled the country in drain just as newly born baby thrown in boiling water by a doctor.

Shakun Sherchand writes ‘ The Doctor Who Threw the Baby with the Bath Water’-(15 Jun 2012) ‘Baburam Bhatarai will be remembered the episode as the Dr. who threw the baby with the bath water on the midnight of May 27th 2012, irrespective of what follows. The constitution drafting was nipped and the CA was dissolved. Mother Nepal’s memory will be the painful realization of the wasteful 9 billion rupees spent to abort a constitutionally malnourished nation of unequal citizens.

The death of the CA makes the incumbent PM both illegitimate and wrong. The major party leaders of the Maoist, Congress and UML Bahun leaders (at least 15-20) are obviously responsible for the failure of curtailing the constitutional process. What political acumen did Baburam use in overcoming the constitutional crisis, besides claiming the position of PM unconstitutionally? He is known publicly as the Dr. who destroyed much and acclaims greatly. Since there is no constitutional law that binds party whipping in drafting the constitution, the brutal act of the party leaders on the CA members is unpardonable.’

In fact, he doesn’t seem to quit from his post even though whatever immoral and traitor he is or being punished by Prachand leader of Unified Maoist party or being said to do so by anybody else. Being an antinationalist culprit-broker, he is minimizing the political norm to create dilemma among the Nepalese people. We Nepalese people should be aware against such anti-nationalist activities. His own party men are repeatedly saying that he is agent of Indian intelligence-RAW. Due to him Maoist party was spitted.

Further he made dissolution of CA because of desire to continue his post of premiership with creating confusion. If he does not resign, on the basis of aforementioned facts he should be punished by state. State means permanent organs of the nation like court, national army and Nepalese people.

Since 27th May 2012 the CA is dissolved now, 1990 constitution has gained full legitimacy. Standing on the foundation of reinstated constitution we must form an inclusive cabinet that will lead the nation towards the solution. Nepalese people do not want any kind of communist authoritarianism, they want only full democracy.

The people are concerned of political stability, peace and good governance. The Nepalese people no longer want the unconstitutional rule of these traitors- Maoists, Congress, UML, Madhesi. After the dead of CA, the constitutional provisions of 1990 constitution have been restored with monarchy automatically. So, to rescue this holy land from an imminent dark future all patriotic forces Nepalese monarchy and people, Nepal Army, the court and the chief organs of the state- must unite to commit themselves to save the pious nation.