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Zafar Choudhary is a senior journalist and Asia Society Fellow on India-Pakistan Young Leaders Initiative. He can be reached at [email protected]

Indian Administrative Service Officers Recruited Without Significant Posting

From the fresh lot, except one no IAS officer from 2005 batch onwards is on any significant post in the administration. This number totals to 17.

Is Kashmir Still Cause of Dispute Between India and Pakistan?

important to acknowledge Kashmir's internal drive leading to change in dynamic of the conflict. In 2013 there are not many Kashmiris who think Kashmir is a dispute between India and Pakistan.

The Case For An Indo-Pak Backchannel

As indicated by the improved situation on the Line of Control, India-Pakistan relations are limping back to normalcy but stability still remains far away.

‘High Security Alert’ on India’s Republic Day

Subject line in a notice of Traffic Police put in the newspapers of Jammu, the winter capital city and the main official venue of flag hoisting ceremony, advises route diversions for public convenience.

Cabinet Reshuffling Makes Big Noise in Jammu and Kashmir

In the reshuffling, the vesting in Revenue department in Ajaz Ahmed, a Minister with immaculately clean image in the public estimation, also marks a significant overhaul and so is the case with Public Health Engineering.

Empowering Panchayats Could Be Autonomy for All

The Electoral College for the seats of Upper House is comprised over 33,000 elected village representatives who have their own individual support bases. Elections to Panchayats were held in 2011 on non-partisan basis but subsequently all parties beg

India-Pakistan Regional Young Leaders Attend Inaugural Meeting in Delhi

This group of 12 select next generation leaders from India, Pakistan, and the U.S., representing diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise discussed agenda that are focused on leadership, public service, and the India-Pakistan relationship. The ope

Conciliation Resources and Cross-LoC Traders To Organize Joint Federation

The formation of the Federation of Cross-LoC traders is a follow up to the Istanbul Agreement of November 2011 on formation of Joint Chamber.

Leakage of Delhi-J&K Interlocution Report Sparks Public Reaction

As argued thrice earlier in this column, the last round of interlocution led by Dileep Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar and MM Ansari, was one of the most comprehensive, unique and capable of delivering results.

Case for Climbing Down The Siachen

The recent catastrophe on the glacier, reported to have claimed nearly 140 Pakistani soldiers, suggests that the political maturity has yet to come for both India and Pakistan.