Are The Europeans Still ‘Undecided’ to Support The Syrian Opposition?

Why Britain and France are hesitant now?

As the United States continues to reiterate its firm support for the Syrian opposition and as the Syrian government and their allies are now gaining the upper hand, speculation started to stir that the Eurpeans are still dilly-dallying with supporting them, particularly France and Britain.

In her remarks at the Security Council Stakeout in New York, Ambassador Susan E. Rice said the meeting in Doha last week explained the position of the core group of the Friends of Syria who issued a very strong and unified declaration.

“We shared agreement that we were all, in our own ways, going to meaningfully increase our support to the moderate and legitimate forces within the Syrian opposition.” – Ms. Rice

Participants at the Istanbul conference on 1 April 2012.

She says that was an important step forward and was another point of unity among countries of the region and beyond, who share the objectives.

US Pledges To Support The Syrian Opposition

In April this year, the United States of America said it will continue to support the Syrian opposition as it seeks to find a democratic, unified post-Assad Syria.

The US wanted to see the coalition lead the way by ramping up its ability, in order to be able to provide assistance, deliver services, and respond to the needs of the Syrian people.

In addition, President Obama is committed to be helpful in non-lethal aid in order to help the Syrians be able to manage that.

For the last several months, the US government has steadily increased its non-lethal assistance to more than $127 million, and that aid is providing food now, medical kits now, and support for local leaders who are trying to lay the groundwork for a stable and democratic future.

The second Group of Friends of the Syrian People meeting in Istanbul, Turkey on 1 April 2012.

US and Partners strengthening the Syrian opposition

The US and its partners are helping build the Syrian political opposition, including by recognizing the Syrian opposition coalition, as the legitimate representatives of the Syrian people.

Comprising of diverse representatives inside and outside Syria, the coalition is committed to a democratic, inclusive Syria, free from the influence of the violent extremists.

The US believes that supporting such entities is the best way to ensure that the Syrian state that emerges after the Assad regime is inclusive and representative.

These political efforts are intertwined with the push for negotiations, and asserts that a negotiated political transition is the best solution to the crisis in Syria.

In addition, the Geneva communique calls for a transitional governing body with full executive powers and formed on the basis of mutual consent.

The violence in Syria, which began in March 2011 as a protest movement similar to those witnessed across the Middle East and North Africa, has claimed over 90,000 lives, mostly civilians, and displaced tens of thousands.

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