Media Propaganda Is The Price of Government Appeasement of Iran’s Mullahs

Media propaganda against the Iranian opposition is the cost of disgraceful appeasement with the mullah’s regime. It undoubtedly embodies the dual-faced nature of any government’s domestic and foreign policies. The current crises facing countries worldwide, such as environmental crises, refugee crises, economic crises, terrorism, insecurity, the Ukraine war, Gaza, and more, are the products of misguided policies prevailing globally.

Engaging in trade and appeasement with the ruling regime in Iran, dictating their intentions to the US and European governments, represents the dirtiest policy leading to the growth of fundamentalism and terrorism, as well as the occurrence of wars and instability in the Middle East. It has also strengthened and fueled right-wing ideologies, notably observed in European parliamentary elections, particularly in France.

The European Union and its member states, in their pursuit of political cowardice and business dealings, have sacrificed the principles and values upon which democratic societies are built, including the famous human rights.

Over the past forty-five years, the policy of appeasing the terrorist regime of mullahs in Iran has always been shamefully extortionate towards Europe, through hostage-taking, terrorism, and political and economic blackmail against the US and Europe.

The release of Assadollah Assadi, a diplomat-terrorist of the regime, by the Belgian government, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the trade for the freedom of Hamid Nouri, one of the perpetrators of the massacre of political prisoners in the summer of 1988, who was convicted in a Swedish court, are among the latest dirty political dealings with the terrorist regime of the mullahs.

This is nothing new. Every year, on the eve of the gatherings and demonstrations of the Mujahedin and the National Council of Resistance of Iran, we have witnessed the mullahs’ regime conspiracies to prevent them. Years ago, in Berlin, a legal war continued until the afternoon, and eventually the Resistance Movement succeeded in holding its demonstrations.

maryam rajavi on stage. NCRI photo.
Maryam Rajavi on stage. NCRI photo.

At that time, the Mujahedin were still on the blacklist of the European Union, Britain, and the United States.

Last year, the same story repeated itself in France, and the French government was condemned and fined in court.

This year, we see the right-wing party of Marine Le Pen rising high in the European Parliament elections!

Macron dissolved the French National Assembly and announced elections.

On the other hand, Khamenei also suffered a strategic and irreparable blow with the death of Raisi, so that even the defeated and removed factions are now trying to bring him to power!

iran president ebrahim raisi helicopter crash. Kanal13 CC screenshot.
Iran President Ebrahim Raisi helicopter crash. Kanal13 CC screenshot.

In such circumstances, when the regime is in a weak and critical situation and the activities of insurgent centers of the Mujahedin inside Iran have peaked, and abroad the activities of the members and supporters of the Resistance for holding extensive demonstrations have attracted much attention, both the French government and the regime have found themselves in need of each other!

Recent Media Propaganda

Media propaganda in Le Monde against the Mujahedin was the price of freeing a French hostage, which should have been paid from the pockets of the people and the resistance of Iran!

It’s not strange! With the annual slaughter of human rights by the mullahs, politics in Europe has become more corrupt, and has lead to the rise of right-wing parties.

F. Mahmoudi
F. Mahmoudi is a Kurdish-Iranian social media journalist, and a human rights and political activist. He has been involved in the struggle for nearly 40 years. He took part in the revolution against the Shah in 1979 but was never a supporter of Khomeini. When he found the Mullahs were stealing the people's revolution for freedom and democracy, he was among the youth students opposed to the new clerical regime.

Arrest and Torture

He was arrested and tortured, as were many of his school and college teachers. When Khomeini issued a fatwa against Kurdish people, they were executed by Ayatollah Sdegh Khalkhali, a Khomini spacial Judge .


Since 1981, many of his friends and colleagues were executed, especially in the 1988 massacre.