Summer Won’t Slow the Spread of COVID-19

sphygmomanometer, for measuring blood pressure. Warm weather may make COVID-19 worse. Image by Ewa Urban from Pixabay
sphygmomanometer, for measuring blood pressure. Image by Ewa Urban from Pixabay

Warmer weather may actually make the spread of COVID-19 worse. Australia saw it spreading in warm weather (77 high/64 low in Sydney) and it is warm in southern states right now but people are still getting it.

The average high in Baton Rouge is 74 and the average low is 54 but there were 834 cases two days ago and 1,172 confirmed cases on March 23, so probably about 10,000 just in LA because only New York is testing a significant percentage of the population.

In fact, as testing accelerated on Tuesday evening, March 24, Louisiana had the fastest-growing infection rate in the world. (Mystery solved, turns out there is a megachurch in LA with a minister who told his flock god would protect them but only if they attended church in person and continued to tithe.)

If people are isolated now, then in three or four weeks when the freeze is lifted, people will have cabin fever and they will surge outside in warm weather to create a surge in new infections.

Experts agree that “almost” isolating is NOT isolating. Standing within 6 ft of
anyone you aren’t already living with can be dangerous.

State by state map of coronavirus infection rates

New England Journal of Medicine COVID-19 page

WHO videos related to COVID-19

Who Is Most At Risk?

Obviously the elderly (sorry, that just means over about 65), those with cancer, immune system problems, asthma patients, and others with pre-existing conditions.

But there are others who you may not realize are in danger.

(NOTE, this isn’t hard and fast medicine, just conclusions from the data so far.)

Those with blood type A are at higher risk than type O.

Data from China shows men are at higher risk, but that may
just be the smoking culture – a lot more men in China smoke
than women, or than here.

Prepare for social isolation not just physical isolation.

This is going to be hard, VERY HARD. Keep in contact with friends
and relatives as much as possible, but do it on the phone or even
better use SKYPE which is a FREE videophone.

It works on my Kindle using WiFi and every computer which has
a camera and microphone, also the iPhone and most smartphones.

The software is free and already on many computers, person to person
video is also free to any skype anywhere in the world.

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