COVID-19 Growing Anger over The Response in the United States

sphygmomanometer, for measuring blood pressure. Image by Ewa Urban from Pixabay
sphygmomanometer, for measuring blood pressure. Image by Ewa Urban from Pixabay

COVID-19 Correct response? Many experts are saying point blank, “EVERYTHING SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN!”

President Trump is still bragging about how quickly he responded a month too late to the threat of this pandemic. Last night he finally made a confusing speech about the threat even though the day before he was still claiming it is all a CNN and Democratic HOAX.

It is sobering to Americans to realize that if Tom Hanks were not in Australia he probably couldn’t have been tested.

This afternoon former VP Biden gave a very presidential address to the nation which did everything that President Trump’s talk didn’t do to calm the growing panic on Wall Street which plunged more than 2,000 DOW points on the opening after President Trump’s national talk from the Oval Office where he made multiple misleading or completely false statements such as that there are millions of tests when the facts is there are only about 20 thousand.

The situation here is that virtually no testing has been done. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the lead government agency in any such outbreak, reported having done only EIGHT tests on Tuesday. South Korea is still doing thousands of tests every day, so the government and everyone else have absolutely no idea how many Americans already have the disease and are actively spreading it.

On Thursday President Trump said everyone coming from overseas is being tested. That is an obvious lie, all that’s being done at airports is people have their temperature taken and we already know you can have this disease and pass it on even without any symptoms.

COVID-19 – Will Summer End The Threat?

In Australia actor Tom Hanks and his wife both tested positive for COVID-19 which shows that President Trump’s fairy tale about this going away when summer warms up – obviously summer just ended in Australia.

In his speech, President Trump initially banned all people and goods from Europe. Later he Tweeted that it DID NOT apply to shipments of goods OR U.S. residents.

He also exempted the U.K. for some weird reason since the U.K. has a number of cases of the coronavirus.

The White House still won’t say whether President Trump has been tested but we know that many people from Republican Congressmen (who have self-isolated) to Brazilian diplomats and people at rallies he attended have tested positive for COVID-19.

COVID-19 – How Big A Crowd is Too Big?

The administration is warning that people should stay out of large crowds but they just picked a number out of thin air – THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENCE saying what size crowd is dangerous.

But if one person in a crowd of two has the virus that is a dangerously large crowd.

Elbow bumps instead of handshakes are meaningless because you are already closer than the 5-6 foot distance which would be safe.

On Thursday the 12th, President Trump was still telling the press that the U.S. was doing great due to his leadership. As he said that, the stock market crashed down another 2,000 points on the DOW and officially became a Bear market – 10% earlier.

An airline passenger in the U.S. flew knowing he had tested positive but didn’t bother telling the airline that he had COVID-19 resulting in the airport closing down a large area to decontaminate.

The bottom line is that while President Trump is painting a very rosy picture almost no one believes anything he is saying which is obvious since the stock market has dropped 5,000 points on the DOW in two weeks.

COVID-19 – NBA Ends Season

How big a crowd is too big? Apparently just a basketball team is far too large as the NBA ends its season today because several players have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The players had been in bodily contact with members of other teams who in turn played other teams for several days and a number of NBA teams are self-isolating on their own already.

Major league soccer has also been canceled for this season.

The Olympics will be next and merely having the athletes perform without an audience isn’t enough because they will infect each other.

High schools, grade schools, and other gatherings should already be closed TODAY. Even church events should be canceled immediately along with their sporting events.

Broadway theaters haven’t cancelled performances as of noon Mar. 12, but it is likely they will cancel performances.

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