Biological Warfare: Failure to Do What Was Required Leads to Serious Consequences

Though it is not currently considered biological warfare, the onset and the effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic mimics biological warfare.

I hear no one is intimating the biological warfare scenario.

The United States should have been fully organized for biological warfare. So should have Israel, a country so vulnerable to such an attack. Both countries, as a case study, should have been fully prepared for a biological attack of whatever type. Neither of these two countries, leaders in the defense of their population from any type of a possible attack were ready for the Coronavirus pandemic. Both were utterly caught, as they say with their pants down, negligently unprepared and leadershipless for dealing with this type of disastrous phenomenon.

Do not blame President Trump. He inherited this messy situation. When he got into office there was so much to fix, one issue at a time. The three-plus years President Trump has been in office were simply not enough to do all that is required fixing. He has been fixing and we, the people, see the results. I strongly believe that President Trump has already learned the lesson. Giving him four more years in office and he will make it a priority to fix the United States’ readiness for such an event, should we need to face it in the future.

We, the people, need to ask, why the lack of readiness? How is our money being spent if not to protect us?

Many governments around the world invest billions of dollars for military readiness and preparedness, for combat equipment, intelligence, soldier readiness, establishment of strategic bases worldwide, etc.

Let Us Have Dialogue About Biological Warfare

Dozens of scenarios speak of biological warfare or bioterrorism.

Bioterrorism could be the use of anthrax, plague of some sort, even smallpox excessive spread. They are among the deadliest weapons that nature has ever devised, that can easily fall into the hands of terrorists.

Bioweapons are easier to handle and transport than conventional and even nuclear weapons. Detecting it is rather difficult, even after they have been released, and symptoms may not appear for some time after exposure. Seems familiar? They can ignite mass panic and make no mistake – they are deadly. Again, seems familiar?

Humanity shares the world with an uncounted number of microorganisms that are perfectly equipped to kill the human species. And thanks to many archaic state-run programmes, some of them, including plague, can be turned into vicious weapons.

Is the United States threatened by North Korea and even Iran and China? These countries may not hesitate to unleash bioweapons on America.

Terrorist organizations are constantly trying to enter into the biological warfare equation. We can be certain that terrorists are actively pursuing biological weapons of their own.

For the past ten years, Syria has used biological weapons. The whole world has been rather silent about Syria’s use of bioweapons and certainly did not see a need to prepare for such a possible event.

Syria is known to have worked on anthrax, plague, tularemia, botulism, smallpox, aflatoxin, cholera, ricin and camelpox, and has used Russian help in installing anthrax in missile warheads. Wouldn’t you say that was scary in the least?

Syria is literally next door to Israel. Unleashing a biological weapon on a neighboring state could easily be done.

After all, if Syria can do it locally, why not a terrorist organization, with footprints in the USA organizing such an attack on the US populace?

Biological Warfare: Failure to Do What Was Required Leads to Serious Consequences 1
President Trump signs the $2-trillion coronavirus stimulus package legislation in the Oval Office. (Pool Photo)

Where We Have Faltered

The cost of hospitals – military and civilian – equipment is unfathomably high and as we see it, at present in short supply and some of it is even outmoded. Yet, no country is in well-prepared compliance with up-to-date and such necessary equipment.

The cost of equipment for stressful time preparedness, as we are experiencing these days, is negligible and insignificant by comparison to the expenses and the financial destruction that has been created.

If the states’ bureaucracies had the proper foresight, if they were good managers, continuous and well designated preparedness and its’ upkeep, all around, would have been of negligible and insignificant cost. Could be said like a drop of water in the sea of the much money wasted on pork-barrel programs by the government.

How come the intelligence systems so badly failed to assess a possible virus attack or the states’ preparedness for such? What were they doing instead? Not prepared for a novel virus, or a biological warfare virus which we can also name Coronavirus?

Where are the experts who deal with the plagues in the world? We need to ask, did they give their opinion and advice for preparedness to countries, and one such is Israel that is always under threat? Israel is in total stay-home lockdown and the lockdown is getting stricter by the day. Did these experts alert Israel, the world?

Where are the crisis managers, consultants and experts? In most cases they themselves look rather lost and appear to be in an obvious and constant guessing mode path.

In admission of pointing at failure, Andrea Widburg writes that the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the government agency primarily responsible for biomedical and public health research, after SARS and H1N1 epidemics, NIH, along with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) should have been paying closer attention to illnesses emerging in China and other Second and Third World countries.

Is there no responsible adult managing this crisis? It is crystal clear that those in charge, from city mayors to governors, to heads of governmental departments appear as if they are working on an experiment in a laboratory. Lack of leadership is so apparent in many aspects.

But remember that political leaders generally only have a short tenure. It is the government departments and agencies that are charged with maintaining our long-term memory and programs. When our security agencies failed to see 9/11 coming, they were forgiven. Each time something goes wrong, we keep forgiving them, but why do they not see these things coming? Someone needs to get to the bottom of that question.

Every country has isolated itself to care only for itself.

How long does it take to set up a respirator factory? We are into the third month of this Coronavirus event and still now there appears to be no proper preparation for it. What we do see is complaining and criticizing of the task forces who, themselves, are seeking for the light in this darkness.

Admit it, we were far from being prepared. We were hit like a meteor strike.

We need to ponder, how the Coronavirus event will, in the future, affect a terrorist’s mind. Terror organizations certainly recognize global weakness in the face of failed governments’ policies worldwide. At that time they strike.

What Can We Expect To Come?

There could be an increased terrorist group race to develop biological weapons. We must heighten our alert approach.

The states’ and countries’ biological warfare security perception must be vastly evaluated and much of it changed and fast. We cannot afford to destroy our economy again for a virus, for a plague. There will be no economy to put an end to. If we do so many millions of people will de facto die.

Today’s biological warfare perception is bankrupt!

Along with our democratic rule, we put politicians in office to make sure we are protected. We expect the government to protect us. It is obvious we are not protected in the least.

I want to live in a safer world, don’t you?

We, the people in the western world, take so much for granted. We got so very spoilt.

What if the water and power was off for a lengthy period?

Our civilization is seven days away from anarchy and eight days away from the lack of essential supplies. Can you internalize this?

The Coronavirus has cause a financial virus. With a stroke of a pen the Federal Government issued a $2 trillion financial aid package. Where does this money come from? A printer? Internalize it; we have just added 10% to our already exorbitant national financial debt. It cannot continue this way, it will bring financial collapse. This debt will have to be paid back, but by who? Your children and grandchildren?

Now is the time to reevaluate our life, our country, our leadership. We must evaluate what we have been doing thus far and we must learn, really learn the lesson.

If we say we must learn the lesson and we do not learn, as it happens time and time again, we, the people, deserve what comes to us and what we will face. And we will.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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