US Saddened By Passing of Ambassador Jerome Shestack

The United States of America todayis saddened by the passing of former Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission Jerome Shestack.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Ambassador Shestack was a committed public servant and a dogged defender of human rights. She added countless women and men are better off because of Jerry.

Ambassador Shestack has served the cause of human rights for more than half a century. He made a lasting impression as Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission where he launched the UN Working Group to investigate disappearances under oppressive regimes.

“Under President George HW Bush, he served with distinction on the delegation to the Moscow Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe and on the Presidential-Congressional Commission to Improve the Effectiveness of the United Nations.” -Ms. Clinton

She cited that as president of the American Bar Association, and in the years following, Ambassador Shestack has set the standard for how civil society leaders can promote human rights.

Ms. Clinton commended the late Ambassador for his unwavering commitment to the highest of American values and international human rights standards. He was an effective advocate for the causes-and people-he cared about because he had a rare mix of wonderful qualities: optimism, resilience, humor, a thick skin, and a way of making everyone feel at ease.

“Today my thoughts and prayers are with Jerry’s beloved wife, Marciarose, and their two children, Jennifer and Jonathan.” -Ms. Clinton

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