Anna Hazare Gets Support From Extremist Group For His Noble Cause

Northeast Indian Militant Group Supported Anti-Corruption Movement

We are at a time in history where the whole world is infected by corruption, blackmail and corrupt politicians.

The people of India have decided to fight against these (so-called anti-social and anti-national) odds and for this reason, the protests, fasts, and the mass rallies have been organized by various organisations across the nation to root out corruption.

In India, this movement started under the leadership of social activist, Anna Hazare, who started his latest fast 9 August, 2011 to fight against corruption and human rights violations and to eradicate them from society. Hazare wants to implement the anti-corruption bill, ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’, as soon as possible.

A Ramon Magsaysay award winner, Anna Hazare, a former Indian Army man, began his social activism from Ralegan Siddhi village in the Ahmednagar district of Indian State, Maharashtra. There, he successfully led a movement against alcoholism and turned Ralegan Siddhi into a ‘model village’. It is a fact that Hazare’s campaign was instrumental in the implementation of the Right to Information Act (RTI) in Maharashtra, which is considered to be one of the best RTI Acts in India.

Hazare and his associates Dr. Kiran Bedi, Justice N. Santosh Hegde (Indian State, Karnataka Lokayuktan Justice), Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan and Shanti Bhushan warned the Congress (Indira) led Government of India,

“Common men are frustrated and their backbones have been broken due to extreme poverty, wastage of foods and scarcity of jobs along side of rampant corruption. The social structures have been destroyed or shattered totally. We must stop this nonstop endemic corruption in our country, immediately. It is also a fact that our movement has reached across borders, but if our government is not ready to stop these illegal activities and to clean the entire ‘system’ in a proper way, then it will become a worse situation where anything can happen at any moment and the government will be fully to blame.”

Furthermore, it is a fact that ultimately, corruption will hit the doors of the Northeast Indian militancy as well. This is the first time that any militant group raised their voices against corruption and gave support to Hazare for his noble causes. In this context, S. Sanjarang, the Information & Publicity Secretary of National Democratic Front of Boroland (Progressive), NDFB(P) said with extensive support, “Our organization, which is on peace process with the Government of India warmly welcomes the clarion call and extends its moral support and solidarity to Gandhian Anna Hazare to the Nation-wide anti-Corruption Movement. In a word, our organization wants a ‘corruption free’ society.”

It should be remembered that the fight against corruption in India was started from the Northeast Indian State of Assam, in a massive way, under the leadership of RTI activist, Akhil Gogoi in March, 2006, in the Golaghat district. Akhil Gogoi won the RTI Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF) award in 2010 and over the past six days, he has joined with Hazare support the movement.

Akhil Gogoi formed his Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) – Krishak Mukti Shongram Samiti, which is not only to fight against ‘corruption’ but also to fight for Farmer Rights, Forest Rights, Corruption and Environmental Implications of modernization for a long time in the state, Assam as well as the entire nation.