US Makes Invaluable Contributions to Well-Being of Children

Deputy Representative to ECOSOC John F. Sammis today said the United States makes invaluable contributions to the well-being of children and the promotion and protection of the rights of the child.

“The United States applauds the important work of the relevant actors on child protection.” – Mr. Sammis

He cited that throughout the process of negotiations on this resolution, the United States engaged constructively with its sponsors to find an acceptable outcome.

“While we are joining consensus, we still have significant reservations about elements of the text and are concerned that it infringes on both the prerogatives of other UN bodies and the independence of UN mandate holders.” -Mr. Sammis

He stated that the United States wishes to reaffirm its confidence in the relevant actors on child protection in the UN system, and rejects any interpretation of OP2 that would indicate a lack of confidence in them, or jeopardize the independence of their work.

“We would also note that not all relevant actors are under the General Assembly, and it is inappropriate for a General Assembly resolution to discuss how the actors that do not report to the General Assembly observe their mandates.” -Mr. Sammis

He noted that child protection is often broader than protection of the rights of the child. He added that cooperation and collaboration undoubtedly enhances the effectiveness of the relevant actors in the UN system of child protection.

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