US and India Expand Counterterrorism Cooperation

With both parties agreed to hold a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, United States of America and India will continue to expand their bilateral partnership in counterterrorism cooperartion.

During an interview with Times Now, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Robert Blake says the first-ever trilateral meeting taking place in New York between the United States, Afghanistan and India aims to see what more the countries can do together in Afghanistan to help support the security and economic transitions there.

“And I think the focus was mostly on the economic side, where all three of our countries are working.” Mr. Blake

President Barack Obama with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the White House.

Mr. Blake stresses that the US government continues to work very hard to prevent an attack by LeT not only in India, but also against its troops in Afghanistan.

Mr. Blake adds that the United States has welcomed the progress that India and Pakistan have made in their bilateral relations, particularly on the trade side.

In July 2011, Assistant Secretary Robert O. Blake, Jr. of Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs has stressed that United States and India are working together to shape more secure, stable and just world.

At U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue Outreach Event in Mumbai, Mr. Blake said the people of India have displayed incredible hospitality.

The links between two governments are growing similarly deep as they craft a strategic partnership that would cover the entire Mumbai waterfront – from counter-terrorism to nonproliferation, education to clean energy, trade to piracy.

Both countries successfully built on what they accomplished during their inaugural Strategic Dialogue in Washington last year, and President Obama’s landmark visit last November.

Both countries greed to start technical talks on a Bilateral Investment Treaty, which once concluded will give a further boost to investments that are growing fast in both directions.”

“Our vision is a U.S.-India partnership in which we work together to shape a more secure, stable, and just world – moving from shared values and common interests to complementary policies and habits of cooperation.” -Mr. Blake

Both countries have focused on India’s role in its neighborhood, and in the broader region of Asia. Both have reaffirmed their commitment for consultation, coordination and cooperation on Afghanistan.

Both countries also reaffirmed their commitment to work jointly in Afghanistan on capacity building, agriculture, and women’s empowerment.

The US hopes to work with India to embed Afghanistan in the region by enhancing regional linkages from Kazakhstan to India and beyond.” -Mr. Blake

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