US and India Work Together to Shape More Secure, Stable and Just World

Assistant Secretary Robert O. Blake, Jr. of Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs today stressed that United States and India are working together to shape more secure, stable and just world.

At U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue Outreach Event in Mumbai, Mr. Blake said the people of India have displayed incredible hospitality.

“We in the U.S. State Department agree. Indeed, Secretary Clinton herself is committed to building a more strategic engagement with our Diaspora communities.” -Mr. Blake

He highlighted that the links between two governments are growing similarly deep as they craft a strategic partnership that would cover the entire Mumbai waterfront – from counter-terrorism to nonproliferation, education to clean energy, trade to piracy.

According to Mr. Blake, as the second Strategic Dialogue between the U.S. and India, Secretary Clinton’s visit to India marked an important step in their ever-strengthening partnership.

He pointed out that both countries successfully built on what they accomplished during their inaugural Strategic Dialogue in Washington last year, and President Obama’s landmark visit last November.

Mr. Blake highlighted some accomplishments from the Dialogue:

“We agreed to start technical talks on a Bilateral Investment Treaty, which once concluded will give a further boost to investments that are growing fast in both directions.” -Mr. Blake

  • Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Poneman discussed the Partnership to Advance Clean Energy (PACE) Research program, which has just started accepting grant applications for its $100 million, five-year program aimed at stimulating U.S.-India collaboration in solar energy, energy efficient buildings and bio fuels.
  • Department of Energy and India’s Department of Atomic Energy signed an agreement to expand cooperation and joint research in high energy and nuclear physics, which will open new opportunities for scientists and researchers from our two countries to work together to enhance their collective scientific understanding and pursue advances in clean energy.
  • The three financing agencies – EXIM, OPIC, and TDA – announced a number of exciting collaboration in the clean energy sector, including support for smart grid technologies and renewable energy sources.
  • OPIC alone has doubled its exposure in India just since the President’s last visit. Its India portfolio is now the second largest in the world, after Mexico, their neighbor, with an impressive focus on solar energy development.
  • As part of the Secretary’s senior-level delegation, Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security Jane Holl Lute signed an understanding between our Computer Emergency Response Teams, which will strengthen our cybersecurity preparedness and reaction.
  • Secretary Clinton and Minister Sibal announced a U.S.-India Higher Education Summit in Washington October 13th, which will lead to further innovative partnerships between our educational institutions.

    And that’s just a fraction of the accomplishments from this Dialogue. Our Joint Statement has a more detailed review.

    “Our vision is a U.S.-India partnership in which we work together to shape a more secure, stable, and just world – moving from shared values and common interests to complementary policies and habits of cooperation.” -Mr. Blake

    He stressed that during the Strategic Dialogue, both countries have focused on India’s role in its neighborhood, and in the broader region of Asia. Both have reaffirmed their commitment for consultation, coordination and cooperation on Afghanistan.

    “We also reaffirmed our commitment to work jointly in Afghanistan on capacity building, agriculture, and women’s empowerment. We hope to work with India to embed Afghanistan in the region by enhancing regional linkages from Kazakhstan to India and beyond.” -Mr. Blake

    Mr. Blake emphasized that both governments have worked hard over the years to transform the U.S.-India relationship. He said government cooperation is essential.

    He pointed out that outside the halls of government, forward-thinking individuals and companies have been blazing the U.S.-India trail long before their governments finally caught up.

    Mr. Blake underscored that the partnerships between their people and their businesses stretch back generations. He added the early linkages have blossomed into a vigorous two-way exchange of entrepreneurs, executives, students, professors, scientists and students that has enormously benefitted both countries and come to serve as a model for others around the world.

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