Two Injured in Tiger Attack in Karbianglong District

Two injured in tiger attack

In an exceptional occurrence of violent behaviour by a tiger, two persons were gravely injured and another barely managed to run away when a full grown Royal Bengal Tiger attacked a group of sesame cultivators. The attack happened near the upper Deopani reserve forest located within Silonijan Range of eastern Karbi Anglong within Bikajan subdivision.

According to local Forest department officials, Kangbura Terang and Biren Kathar along with another villager were tending sesame plants inside the crop growing area closed to wooded environs when abruptly one tiger seized upon the group.

While one ran for his life, Kangbura Terang and Biren Kathar fell prey to the irate tiger, both gained scratches on their face, limbs and abdomen. The injured were rescued by the villagers and local forest staff was informed, who admitted them to Bokajan civil hospital.

“According to our record that area is the natural habitat of Royal Bengal Tiger and probable cause of attack may be intrusion by humans at the same time as the tiger was laying on the cover of undergrowth nearby looking for prey, and the untimed meddling of humans made the tiger furious,” BN Narzari, senior forest official and OSD to CCF Karbi Anglong said.

bengal tiger
Bengal Tiger

Upper Deopani area is intertwined with Kagiranga national park where the concentration of tigers is high. The wild tigers can trek this distance so sighting tigers in that locality is quite natural and encouraging.

“It may be mentioned here that in spite of continuing ruthless destruction of forest sighting of Royal Bengal Tiger has been reported from Langlakso, Samalangso, Silvata, Khon Bamon, Singhason and Chapong resave forest area recently,” Jotin Sharma DFO Working Plan said.

Sushanta Roy
Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.