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Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.
MIA research team in Karbi Hills, India.

Mystery WWII B26-B MIA Aircraft and Crew Investigated in India

In a remote expanse of the Karbi Hills Massif in Northeast India, an international team of investigators embarked on a quest to unravel a...

The First Anglo-Burmese War: A Bicentennial Retrospective

Two hundred years ago, a war broke out between two empires that changed the course of history in Asia. This is the story of...
Sheikh Hasina and Narendra Modi, region of peace urged.

Region of Peace Request to Bangladesh PM Hasina and PM Modi

Region of Peace Call A joint memorandum by four Indian Chakma organizations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of...
karbi anglong forest

India Signs Historic Pact With Five Rebel Groups

Diphu September 3: The Centre on Saturday signed a peace accord with five armed groups based in Assam's Karbi Anglong. Chief Minister Himanta pledged...
dehing patkai forest. Photo by Nava Thakuria.

Another View of the Oil Inferno in Assam

Blowing out of oil wells is nothing new in Assam. It is still happening in the crazy year 2020 at a time when the...
Leopard is bei

Marauder Leopard Released After Medication

An injured full grown male common leopard aged ten years was captured and received medication after being caught by Wild Life Trust of India.

Two KPLT Leaders Surrender to Karbi Anglong Police

The abrupt move by the KPLT Commander in Chief surprised counter insurgency professionals in the region who believe the fragmented outfit may not accept it.

Administrative Crisis Hits Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council

Termination of the Principal Secretary of the Council, Moloy Bora, and the associated court case, is causing major problems for the local economy.

Top 10 Finalists for ‘Dance Karbi Anglong Dance 2015’ Revealed

The gold medalist of the first ever dance competition of Karbi Anglong Usha Tissopi was the other judge of the panel who at times appeared the unchanged agile dancer of the past.

One Militant Killed, One Held in Karbi Anglong

According to police source, the Indian army launched an area domination operation in Kuligain locality believed to be influenced by Karbi terrorist elements in Bokajan subdivision of Karbi Anglong district. When combat vehicles were passing through

Karbi National Convention in Diphu

Former president of Assam Sahatya Sabha Padmashree Rongbong Terang inaugurated the Karbi National convention. King Harsing Ronghang, heads of traditional commandments attended.

Karbi Woman Found Dead After Alleged Witch Attack

According to Hamren police, the incident took place in Dhuidi Kro village located within general area of Bhoksong of Hamren subdivision.
Assam Government Transport Department at Khatkati

New Assam Vehicle Check Point Becomes Venue for Extortion Activities

The checkpoint was set up mainly to regulate overloading, but has become a venue for extortion and money-making activities by a private weighbridge owner.

Woman Gang Raped: One Man Arrested, Four Absconded Near Diphu Town

Kuki Women's Association demanded the Deputy Commissioner of Karbi Anglong arrest four men involved in the gang rape of a married woman over two months.
Male rhino calf rescue 06

Male Rhino Calf Rescued in Kaziranga

This week, a very young male rhino calf was found wandering alone in the Agoratoli range wilderness, The calf was rescued by Kaziranga forest staff.

Assam: Sex Scam Making Headlines in Diphu

In this incident Karbi Nimso Chingthur Asong (KNCA) Diphu based women's organization hounded out the two pimps Lolita Engtipi and Rina Ronghangpi who brought the two minor victims from Satgaon locality of West Karbi Anglong and exploited them accept
kalaphar daiguru elephant corridor view

Five Conservation Organizations Collaborate to Protect Indian Elephants

With increasing fragmentation of forests and rising human-elephant conflict in India, five NGOs raise money to protect 100 elephant corridors in India by 2025.

Karbi Anglong Officer Under Scrutiny For Alleged Graft and Corruption Charges

The Diphu United Farmers Committee (UFC), People's Ranger for Fundamental Rights (PRFR) and Halali Progressive Welfare Society has demanded immediate arrest of the Mr. Das.
14 7 14 Germany Argentina

Diehard German Fan To Commemorate 2014 FIFA World Cup Win

Putul Borah, the Diphu-based diehard German fan has exhumed the bottle of scotch he buried when Germany lost the world cup a year ago.
irrigation corruption

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Member Facing Corruption Charges

Ronjeet Ronghang and Mohon Rongpi, both convenors allege the CEM is answerable as to how out of total subsidized schematic amount of Rs. 150, 52, 00002/- work has been settled against Rs.19,58,334,.34/- through tender process and for the