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Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.


CEM of KA Autonomous Council Denies Allegation of Financial Embezzlement

It was not possible to ask Tuliram Ronghang for his version on the allegation that day. However yesterday the CEM agreed to explain his side before the press at his official residence.

Notorious KPLT Leader Killed in Factional Clash

Police said it was not known who killed Bijoy Terang at his own house. His body was sent to Diphu Civil Hospital for autopsy. Villagers claimed KPLT fragmented.

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Accused of Financial Indiscretion

The CAG report has pointed out that the KAAC received an amount of Rs. 21.30 crore as grant in aid from the state government in 2010-11 for specific as per the norms of sixth scheduled area; KAAC while going out of its way spent Rs. 47.3 crore.
USAF C 46A Curtiss Commando

Mystery of 1945 USAF C-46A Curtiss Commando Crash Revealed

A USAF C-46A Curtiss Commando that crashed in the mountains over India in 1945 has been identified by a researcher who was abducted by militants.

Borpathar Police Thwart Rhino Poaching Attempt

Police identified the three men as Anil Mahato (34), Arun Mahato (32) and Tapon Munda (30). All three were previously cadres of AANLA. A pistol and bullets were seized by police.

Soccer Tournament Brings Delight to Assam Community

Public response to the event surprised sports organizers and the Assam nation, including Ankur Dutta, General Secretary of Assam Football Association.

Poi-Sangken: The Man-Tai Community Water Festival

The Poi-Sangken Water festival is observed by the Shyam community who settled in Karbi Anglong and parts of upper Assam during the Burmese invasion of Assam.

Kuki NGO Committed to Stop Rhino Poaching in Karbi Anglong

Kuki National Assembly decided that any Kuki villager involved in wild life poaching, he will be outcast from the village if the village is located within Kuki inhabited area of Karbi Anglong.

Major General Mohanty Seeks Time for Probe Into Rapes

Major General CP Mohanty visited Diphu held a closed door meeting with women's organizations and members of civil society at the Diphu Tourist Lodge camp of 8JAT regiment.

Tiwa and Karbi Anglong Residents Strongly Oppose New Dam Project

The Killing river originates from high altitude of Meghalaya and merges with the Kopili river near Nagaon district. The proposed dam will be constructed in the upper stream of the river within Karbi Anglong district.

Chief of Police Spearheads Thorough Probe on Karbi Anglong Rape Incidents

The Police head urged the Ministry of Defence to institute an independent probe of the rape incident to be headed by Colonel Ganesh who started an investigation and has assured that the process will be completed within 7 days.

Situation Remains Tense in KA Amid General Strike Against Army Rapes

The 24 hour strike call by several women's organizations in Karbi Anglong against the army rapes gained a lot of support from people, students and police.

Rape of Three Women Sparks Massive Protest in Karbi Anglong

Womens and student organisations, backed by thousands from college and university, launched a massive demonstration at the Deputy Commissioner's office demanding drastic action.

Governor of Assam Orders Inquiry Against Departments Under KAAC

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council's Agriculture and Irrigation department is under investigation for corruption and a number of officers have been suspended.
anglong agro

Anglong Agro Processing Industry Sells Organic Products Globally

All organic food items he process are seasonal and grown in extreme natural conditions in villages of Assam and other neighbouring states. From May to September he procures produce from various places in north east India like Teok, Tinsukia.

Meghalaya Smuggles Coal to Karbi Anglong

According to the Forest department officials of Hamren who seized a number of Meghalaya trucks loaded with coal, the coal operators are using the high altitude zigzag road from Khanduli to Hamren

Injured Elephant Found in West Karbi Anglong

Inhabitants of the locality claimed that a group of poachers equipped with sophisticated arms is active in the area and are poaching wild animals regularly for trading.

New Hub of Illegal, Illicit and Immoral Trafficking Lurking in Diphu

The locality is turning up to be a spitting image of the other notorious border townships of Bokajan, like Lahorijan and Khatkati.

Diphu Farmer Unearths World War II Ammunition

While ploughing, a farmer in Assam heard the hard shell of the grenade, rifle and the ammunition against the metal end of the plough and the curious peasant dug up the area.

Assam Ethnic Festival Culminates With Spectacular Cultural Dances and Folk Songs

To end the activity, a cultural procession of all participating communities in their time-honoured clothing was held on the slopes of Taralango village where the epicentre of Karbi art and culture has been shaped.