Need to free Islam from the Clutches of Terrorists

The terrorism that has been nurtured over the past three decades in Pakistan, is today nearing a climax. The anti-Islamic forces have entered into Muslim society in the guise of ‘defender of Islam’.

It seems that now they have their strong grip on Muslim society there. Terrorists are making big to bigger tragedies in Pakistan almost everyday. Last month, these terrorist forces in Pakistan attacked the Sri Lanka cricket team in Lahore. Many players were injured in this daylight attack.

Same terrorist forces attacked a police training centre and an affluent area in Islamabad. These types of attack on security campuses are a direct challenge to the security of Pakistan. At the time of the attack on the police academy, the unarmed policemen were at lunch. A young man entered the academy, shouted “Allah-Hu-Akbar” (God is great) and blew himself. Six other security personnel died.

Cruel Terrorists

Before those terrorist attacks, a mosque was attacked in the border area of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In this attack, the whole double-storey mosque was destroyed and 48 persons were killed while praying.

Now these extremist and terrorist forces, which are involved in anti-human activities, have attacked an Imambara at Chakwal town of Punjab province in Pakistan. In this suicide attack, more than 2 dozen people were killed and more than 50 seriously injured. At the time of the attack, thousands of Shiites were participating in an annual programme called Majlis (congregation). A young boy aged 16-17 entered the Imambara in black clothes. He was interrupted there for search by the programme volunteers. He blew himself up on the spot. If that attacker had succeeded in entering the main hall of Imambara, there would have been many more casualties.

Firstly let’s learn about the Imambara & also Majlis. Imambaras are building structures related to the Shiite community. These are the places where Shiite religious activities are organized, especially the remembering of Imam Hussein, the great martyr of Karbala. The gathering of the followers and devotees of the great martyrs of Karbala is called Majlis. In this religious congregation, the followers of martyr Imam Hussein mourn his killing along with his 72 martyr associates.

Ever since that tragedy in Karbala, Imam Hussein devoteesgather as a community, to remind everyone that the successors of Islam and Prophet Mohammad, were opposed to Yazid, the Muslim ruler of Syria. Yazid was the most corrupt, cruel, characterless and anti-Islamic ruler. He wanted religious recognition from Hussein as the latter was the grandson of Prophet Mohammad and the real successor and representative of Islam.

Yazid had the largest army of that time whereas Imam Hussein had only 72 devotees associated with himself. But he didn’t care about the power of Yazid. Hussein always felt that the only great power of the universe is God and nobody should fear any power other than the Great God. Thus Imam Hussein sacrificed himself with his 72 companions and proved in the battlefield of Karbala in Iraq that being a saint and great martyr, he was the only real successor of Islam, and not Yazid who was only a Muslim ruler.

The suicide bombers attack at the Chakwal Imambara has once again proved that 1400 years ago, which Islam was saved and defended by martyr Hussein with his sacrifice, now once again, Islam is in danger. The cruel Yazidi teachings in Islam have raised their heads once again.

These people who call themselves Muslims and look like a Muslim, are indeed totally anti-Islamic. These communal and extremist forces are using the name of Islam as their shield. These inhuman forces are explaining Islam connecting with power, politics and empire.

These forces use the name of religion to capture power in Afghanistan and to spread their dangerous network in Pakistan to destabilize the country. The same cruel forces misguide the youth of Kashmir in the name of religion and in exchange for minor amounts, they take children from their guardians, to be used as a human bomb.

These forces manage terrorist attacks with the help of their own network anywhere in the world including India and Pakistan. They oppose the US and its policies, India, the Pakistani government, and sometimes, the Muslims who pray in Mosques.

Actually just like Yazid, they want to spread their extremist views forcefully throughout the region of Afghanistan, Pakistan and in surrounding regions in the name of Islam. For this mission, they manage all type of terrorist attacks including kidnapping and hijacking of the planes all of which is totally inhuman and anti-Islamic.

To get the sympathy of the Muslim world, these communal extremist forces incite Muslims against America, in the name of Islam. These cruel Yazidi forces torture Muslim women in the Pak-Afghan frontier area. This type of outrage was never heard in Islamic history previously.

Now these extreme forces have been unmasked. They want to create terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan and nearby areas only to extend and spread their power. These forces are directly challenging the police and armies of this area including the NATO forces. They want to terrorise this area as much as they want the security forces to surrender before them. After capturing Afghanistan and Pakistan, they want to get control of nuclear weapons of Pakistan. If they gain control of nuclear weapons, nobody can imagine what they would do next.

Now the following questions arise: Will the mission of cruelty and terrorism led by the Taliban continue on smoothly? Can these forces be controlled or not?

It is clear that these extremist and terrorist powers are not afraid of the security forces. After successful attacks on the security centres in daylight, their morale is very high. Although the suicide attack in the Imambara at Chakwal was a direct target at Shiite community, it is not right to say that these Yazidi forces are making their target only a single community. Indeed, all opposing forces, societies and communities are their enemies. That may be the US, Pakistan government, security forces or the whole peace loving world. These terrorists even oppose and kill the people working on the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

These dangerous circumstances compel me to wonder whether they can be crushed or not? The time has come for the Pakistan government, administration, ISI and judiciary of Pakistan to understand and accept that over the past three decades, extremist forces have captured Pakistan’s society in the name of Islam.

Actually, it was not their motive to strengthen Islam, nor to promote Islam in the world. It was the secret agenda of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, Aiman Al Jawahiri, Mullah Mohammad Umar and now Baitullah Mehsood, who want to establish a radical Islamic empire just like Yazid, the terrorist of Syria.

But now these forces have been unmasked. From the killing of Benazir Bhutto to an ordinary poor Muslim lady, these forces have proved that they are connecting their anti-Islamic and inhuman activities with Islam forcibly and thus the religion of Islam, which is known for love, peace, equality, and brotherhood, is now being defamed.

In such circumstances, more than just America and Pakistan, it is the moral responsibility of the whole peace loving world to unite as soon as possible against these cruel Yazidi forces.

Firstly, these forces have to be disarmed. The production and supply of arms and ammunition to these forces has to be checked and controlled. The reserves of arms have to be destroyed. More “Karbalas” may be needed to protect the true Islam, propagated by the Prophet, from these terrorists. More sacrifices have to be made.

Tanveer Jafri is an award-winning journalist and peace activist, based in India, covering communal harmony and social activities.