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Tanveer Jafri is an award-winning journalist and peace activist, based in India, covering communal harmony and social activities.

Assam Saddened By Death of Soccer Superstar Ronin Sangma

Sangma began his football career in 1977 as a sub junior player. His first appearance led the Karbi Anglong sub junior team to victory for two consecutive times.

Is Islam Equated With Terrorism?

The Muslim again replied in affirmative. The Jew got excited. He recited Kalma in front of the Muslim and after due process, got converted into a Muslim. Just after accepting Islam the converted Jew expressed his temptation to have alcohol
Quetta shia protestars 103

Minorities Unsafe in Pakistan

Pakistan's minorities which are being targeted include Shias, Ahmedias, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Pakistani Hindus visiting India often refuse to go back to their home country.
Hafiz saeed addressing a mob

Pakistan in a Catch-22

The killing of Osama Bin Laden in a raid by the US Navy SEALs in Abbottabad, near Islamabad did not only widen the rift between the US & Pakistan, but also exposed the true nature of Pakistan's state policy vis-a-vis terrorism.
US vs Iran

Iran Refuses to Bow Down

In recent days, rhetoric of war has escalated between the US and Iran. The US naval warship USS Lincoln is said to be moving towards the Persian Gulf.
Freedom right

What are The Limits of ‘Freedom of Expression’?

It is true that the concept of freedom of expression is so abstract that its usage not only hurt people's sentiments; at the same time, this tool of freedom is used to suppress others' freedom of speech.

Is Social Business a Remedy for a Poverty-Free Society?

Prof Yunus terms it as Social Business, a form of business that seeks to solve social problems. And his latest book describes all about 'the new kind of capitalism that serves humanity's most pressing needs'.
US Iran

Is An Attack on Iran Imminent?

The United Nations agency IAEA has several times expressed its concern over the Iranian nuclear programme. In its latest report, the IAEA has said that it has 'credible' information that 'Iran has carried out activities

India’s Politics Becomes Convenient Tool for Illegal Wealth Accumulation

But unfortunately, their dream is being crushed by the excessive ambition, hunger for power and self-centered style of politics of our representatives.
Communal forces in India

‘Ideological Terrorism’ Considered The Biggest Threat to Mankind

But those canny 'intellectuals', demagogues and fundamentalists who are indeed responsible for such acts, go scot-free. These clowns clandestinely support, advocate and perpetuate such insane acts. In the garb of a politician, social activist, god

Pakistan Continuously Covers Up Failures in Battle Against Terrorism

Pakistan had to face embarrassment after the death of Bin Laden. The US also asked Pakistan to prove that Pakistani Army was not aware of Osama's long presence in its backyard.
Protesters in

Pakistan Media in Dire Straits

Pak rulers, Army and the ISI never want the world to know about the extent of extremism and terrorism in Pakistan. They also don't want the world to know about the clandestine relationship between the ISI and terror groups. They don't want their a
In PAKISTAN Glorification of Laden after his killing

Bin Laden’s Glorification An Insult to Islam

People may differ on many aspects vis-a-vis Laden. And they should. They may have many doubts and queries which seem entirely justified. Like, who created Osama? The world accuses America of creating and nurturing Osama. The debate should certainly
osama compound at aaibatabad

Pakistan Criticized By The World Again for Protecting Osama Bin Laden

Now the world can no more digest its stand that 'Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism.' Prime Minister Gilani has said that Pakistan alone cannot fight terror and needs 'the support of the entire world to combat militants.'
Hafiz saeed addresing a public meating in pakistan

Hafiz Saeed An Angel Or a Demon?

From encouraging terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir to masterminding the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai, he has been involved in many such activities which have time and again come in the way of normalizing bilateral relations between India and Pakistan,
japan tsunami 2011

Japan’s Tragedy Reminds Humanity to Get Rid of Self-Created Disasters

Therefore, it's wise to stay away from such areas in order to minimize loss. Such natural disasters teach the mankind to live in peace and harmony and understand each other's grief and sorrow.
Gaddafi with obama

Ousting Qaddafi Will Not Be Easy

It is now clear that dethroning Qaddafi is not that easy. But many countries like France seem more impulsive than the opposition to remove Qaddafi.
Indian a largest Democracy of the world

India in Peril of Turmoil if Poverty Continues to Engulf The...

On the other hand, by hiding the ground realities, our politicians repeatedly pat their own backs by telling the world that we are the world's biggest and the most successful ideal democracy.
Black Money trail

‘Black Money’ and Political Stunts Worsen India’s Economic Condition

Poverty, unemployment and national debt overwhelmed India. These western banks are said to have such high level of privacy standards that the name and amount deposited by any individual cannot be easily known. Any source of investigative journalism
Salman taseer

Taseer’s Assassination Contradicts Real Islamic Ideology

Measuring this assassination on the fundamentalists' own criteria, the first question is whether the Prophet Mohammad, Hazrat Ali or any other member of their family carried on any such act in the Islamic history? Has the Prophet ever called for ki