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Tanveer Jafri is an award-winning journalist and peace activist, based in India, covering communal harmony and social activities.


Real Islam Honors Imam Husain

But the religion of these Jihadis, Taliban and terrorists only teach them to mindlessly kill innocents. Islam as told by Ali and Hussein calls on to sacrifice oneself for truth, if need be. But these self-appointed Jihadis want to spread Islam by us
Rana Tejinder Singh chauhan project director

World’s Tallest Raavan Effigy: A Symbol of Communal and Social Harmony

Apart from India, the festival of Dusshehra is celebrated in many countries of the world. The major incidents of Lord Rama's life are staged in the form of Ramleela.
Gandhi ji during a foot march

Today’s World and Gandhian Thought!

Gandhi being a worshipper of non-violence clearly understood that violence is no solution for any problem. As terrorism and violence are widespread in the world today, there seems to be more relevance of Gandhian principles
Ramadan. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Pakistan Getting Worse in The Holy Month of Ramadan

A practising Muslim should stay away from any kind of bad, wrong, immoral, unclean, inhumane or un-Islamic activity in the holy month of Ramadan. Let's see how Pakistan, claiming to be a trustee nation of Islam, is following these instructions.
Ajmal Qasab, A pakistan traind terroristr of 2611, Mumbai attack

Pakistan – The Victim of Suicidal Politics?

Pakistan is nowadays the centre of attraction for the whole world not only because of the historical flood but also for its terrorist activities.
a securityman is being beaten by kashmiri youths

A Conspiracy to Transform India’s Kashmiri Heaven Into Hell

In fact, some people, by misguiding the Kashmiri youth in the name of religion and independence want to convert this heaven (Kashmir) on earth into a hell state like Afghanistan

Pakistan Uses US Money and Weapons to Terrorize India

Though Pakistan's links with terrorism have been disclosed many times, still facts and information keep coming which strengthen this finding.
So called real Islamist attacks on an Ahmadiyya mosque in Bangladesh

Is This The Reality of ‘True Muslims’?

The religion of Islam which preaches equality, cooperation, brotherhood, sacrifice, tolerance and forgiveness has perhaps been hijacked by some anti-Islamic elements as a part of some anti-Islamic conspiracy.
donating to charity

Donate To The Poor, Not Temples!

People who know about the deeds and sacrifices of Lord Ram & Krishna or the people who have read about Sai, Nanak, Hussein, Ali or the Prophet, must also know that had these great men be with us today, they would probably not have accepted such gold

Islamic Fatwas Challenge Human Rights

Fatwa in Islam is a suggestion or instruction which is issued by an Islamic scholar keeping in view the Sharia and Islamic laws. Read about interesting Fatwas....
hafiz saeed

Saudi Arabia, Patron to Hafiz Sayeed?

This situation is certainly a matter of concern for India. Apart from the terrorist activities in Pakistan, the world should also notice the roots of those extremist activities in Saudi Arabia, as a result of which the roots of communalism and Islam

A Case for Continuing India Pakistan Talks

The much awaited foreign secretary level talks between India and Pakistan concluded on the 25th of February at the Hyderabad House in New Delhi.

Religion Became Controversial Once Linked to Politics

Somewhere it has been described as an adoptable thing and somewhere it has been linked with the beliefs of people. We can say that the belief of human towards any spiritual 'power' or spiritual 'system' is religion.
Presidents National palace destroyed in Hati

Nature Shows Its Might Again

Haiti, a small Caribbean country, experienced nature's fury when on January 13; a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 rocked its capital Port au Prince.
peshawar after a blast

Why is The World Concerned for Pakistan?

The religion of Islam, which spread the message of equality, love, cooperation, truth and brotherhood, is today being targeted from all sides.
Devotees Paying bloody homage to Hazrat Imam husain

Islam Reborn After Every Karbala

The end of year 2009, like every year, will be marked by the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December. Coincidentally this year, another important day of the 10th Moharram will be observed in the same week on the 28th of Dec.
Major malik Nidal hasan

Islam Again ‘Injured’ By Bullets of American Muslim Major

Two high rank army officers were also killed in this firing, while 31 people got seriously injured. It is being said that while firing on his colleagues, Major Malik chanted 'Allah-u-Akbar' (GOD is great).
26 11 Mumbai terrorist attack accused ajmal amir qassab

Pakistan Post 11/26

Still there is a feeling of sadness and anger among the people of India. The country can't forget how the ten terrorists, sponsored and supported by Pakistan, entered and attacked the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai.
raj thackeray MNS President

Voice of Separatism Once Again Heard in India

The Marathi love of Raj Thackeray becomes clear from the fact that his children study in a well reputed English medium school in Mumbai.
Rana Tejinder Singh Chauhan President Ramleela Club Barara

Indian Festivals establishing Communal Harmony and World Record

Mumbai, India's financial Capital has become more united against terrorism after the 26/11 terror attack. 183 people lost their lives in that terror attack and hundreds of people were critically wounded.