Narender Singh Yadav’s Award for Climbing the Everest Held for Investigations

Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award recipient, Narender Singh Yadav was scheduled to receive the prestigious award for climbing Everest, on August 29. Unfortunately, the award was held as a result of an article published by the Kantipur newspaper. The leading Nepali publication released the article written around Yadav’s summiting, along with the picture that he submitted as proof of his accomplishment. The article talked about how the image that the 26-year-old climber submitted was morphed.

Following the publication of the article, Indian mountain climbers shared the photo amongst themselves through various social media platforms and most have concluded that it is truly morphed. This possibility is also backed up by mountain climbers and guides who were present on Everest at the same time as Yadav. They have claimed that the 26-year-old returned from the mountain without actually reaching the summit.

Potentially Altered Details

The Kantipur article, as well as many mountain climbers who have reached the Everest summit (or attempted to do so), in the past, mention the fact that there are several important discrepancies in the photo that Yadav submitted. Among these is the fact that the oxygen mask that he was wearing did not have a pipe. Furthermore, there are no reflections in his glasses, and the flags that he was holding stood still despite the high winds that are ever-present at the summit.

In addition to these issues, the claim that Yadav had never reached the summit is also supported by the leader of his three-man team, Naba Phukon. The man alleged that Yadav had never made it to “the top of the world” and that he returned because he did not have sufficient oxygen. The leader of the team also stated that the photo is indeed morphed and asked the government to investigate the issue and arrest the 26-year-old.

Backing up this statement is a reputable reputable guide, or sherpa, who claimed that he had seen both Yadav as well the female member of their team, Seema Goswami, fall ill and unable to continue their climb to the summit.

Whether the young climber was not sufficiently equipped when he started climbing the mountain after his trek to Everest Base Camp or his physical condition was not up to par is unknown. However, the Sherpa also mentioned that he remembers Yadav so well because he was crying because he was unable to reach the summit.

Social Media Backlash

As the news that Yadav may have manipulated the photograph to make it seem that he had reached the summit has circled the internet and is currently discussed by many climbers, some of whom have achieved this feat multiple times.

The news has also reached Dhamey Tenzing Norgay, the youngest son of the late Tenzing Norgay, who stated that if Yadav did fake the photo and did not reach the summit, he should not be considered for the award.

A Mountain with a History

Ever since people first reached the summit of Everest, the mountain has become a symbol of man’s dominance over nature. Many have climbed it for charity, others have done so for their own accomplishment. For most, reaching the summit is a matter of life and death, however, there seem to always be individuals who would be willing to lie to get the fame without the danger.

Whether or not Yadav truly reached the summit or not is still undetermined. The ongoing investigations will likely take a few weeks and may yet yield inconclusive results.