Kashmir’s Deputy Grand Mufti Ordered Expulsion of 5 Christian Missionaries

Srinagar, Jan 19: Kashmir’s Deputy Grand Mufti Thursday ordered the expulsion of five Christian priests from the region after finding their activities not permissible.

“Pastor CM Khanna, Gayoor Massi, Chandra Kanta, Pastor Jim Borst and Chandra were found guilty of luring the Muslim young boys and girls to Christianity by exploiting their financial conditions, promoting immorality and moral degradation. They were also found guilty of exploiting health ailments by facilitating a different kind of help to Muslims against the conversion from Islam to Christianity,” Deputy Grand Mufti, Mufti Nasir-ul Islam told the media today. He said the Sharia court has unimpeachable evidence against them. They have been using financial allurement to convert some local youth to Christianity.

“This was a very sensitive and hot issue and it was investigated with full responsibility.”

“The entire proceedings are in a recorded form and safe with the Shariah court. The final conclusion is that they are barred from entering Kashmir on charges of propagating Christianity by inviting youth and exploiting their financial conditions thereafter,” he said and urged the government to make sure that these people don’t enter the region as they have hurt the religious sentiments.

Deputy Grand Mufti asked the government to keep a check on the activities of local missionary schools. “These schools should include a period for Islamic education in their daily teaching programmes and a prayer written by poet Iqbal should be recited in the assembly prayers in these schools,” he said.

“Their judgment is not against the Christian community. “It is against the individuals who established dirty and sinister designs. I appeal fellow Muslims to remain vigilant and guard that such elements don’t reappear in the state,” he added.