Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Under Fire for Administrative Lapses

PB Acharya Concerned Over Policy Paralysis Of The KAAC

The Governor of Assam, PB Acharya, has expressed grave disappointment over the functions of various developmental departments controlled by Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council.

Addressing a press conference at Diphu circuit house after touring a vast area of the eastern part of the autonomous district, the custodian of the 6th schedule areas of Assam said serious administrative lapses are evident, particularly the non payment of wages against job cards for the past 18 months.

He urged the media to educate the people at the grass roots level about the need to use the central government’s new schemes which directly benefit the poor.

The Governor said the meeting with KAAC authority and departmental officers was a review meeting to assess the growth of various government sponsored schemes.

“I am shocked seeing the horrible condition of the government cattle farm at Manja, in the last 40 years it has failed to achieve anything till today it is running at a loss, the firm does not have a single milking cow, instead of utilizing bio gas produced from cow-dung they are powering the vast area with a gen set,” Acharya said.

The Governor expressed his disappointment over the poor performance of government schools. He also mentioned most of the schools are yet to realize the need of proper toilets and cleanliness. He said that all primary schools should have facility for learning their mother tongue. Blaming the policy paralysis on the KAAC, the Governor said they cannot release the incumbent principal secretary flouting all norms.

In addition, the Governor declared that various irregularities prevailing in KAAC will be addressed in accordance with the regulations of the sixth schedule and the constitution. Lamenting the poor state of the opposition party, he said that nominating a public representative instead of electing should be discouraged.

The Governor said the circumstance of education is shaping up in the state. He highlighted that every higher educational canter should be also a center for skill development and locally available resources should be used at optimum levels.

Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.