China’s Assistance to Nepal Increases

Xinhua the Chinese news agency reports that many agreements have been signed in Kathmandu, Nepal, to increase financial aid to Nepal by China.

The quantum increase of Chinese aid to Nepal has raised a series of questions in the public of Nepal. Nepalese public fear China’s influence in the government of Nepal can be a means of violating Human Rights of the Tibetan refugees. Recently news have spread through HR organizations of Nepal that the Chinese authorities are giving bribes to Nepalese police to have Tibetan escapees handed back to the Chinese authorities.

A fresh release by the whistleblower website Wikileaks also suggests such a possibility. China is always very much concerned about Tibetans attempting to enter Nepal and then flee to Dharmashala the headquarters of the Tibetan spiritual Leader the Dalai Lama.

According to Wikileaks the confidential diplomatic cable created by US embassy in New Delhi on the 22nd of February last year mentions quoting an unnamed source as disclosing this information, “Chinese government rewards (Nepali forces) by providing financial incentives to officers who hand over Tibetans attempting to exit Tibet”.

Nepal is currently hosting a Chinese delegation led by Fu, from during which the Chinese officials will visit various Chinese projects in Nepal including the National Ayurveda Research and Training Centre. Among the agreements signed by Fu Ziying, the Chinese visiting Vice Minister of Commerce, and Rameshore Prasad Khanal, Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, a loan of about Rs. 7 billion for the ‘Upper Trisuli Hydropower Project of Nepal is significant.

China has also decided to provide Rs. half a billion in assistance for ‘mutually agreed projects’, as well as a grant for upgrading Kathmandu’s Ring Road.