BJP Still Groping in The Dark, Harps on Defunct ‘Hindutva’ Ideology

Hindutva Ideology Not Understood By Many Leaders OF BJP Till Date – Will It Work on People?

BJP President Rajnath Singh, participating in a two day Party’s Executive Meeting at Bangalore, has asserted that Hindutva would continue to be BJP’s ideology and corner stone of its policy. He said that Hindutva was as important to BJP as the constitution to the country.

Brushing aside criticisms for party’s debacle in the recent elections, Rajnath Singh boasted that the Party was not keen to capture power at the Centre. It did not work on to get the votes but to participate in the nation building. The backbone of the party would continue to be Hindutva ideology, which has universal appeal to all in the country. A confused man, Rajnath Singh appeared have lost his way.

If one goes by what Rajnath Singh was trying to impress, it is hardly unbelievable as to why such an important ideology of the party was not understood by many in the party including some senior leaders. It may be recalled, Jaswanth Singh, a very Senior Party leader, in his latest interview to NDTV was candid enough to admit that he did not understand, what ‘Hindutva’ means and how it was relevant to the party. When that is the case, how could the Party President Rajnath Singh expect the common man to understand the ideology which the very leaders did not understand. There is therefore something amiss here. It is better for Rajnath Singh and other top leaders to understand the very meaning and application of the Hindutva ideology properly about which he was boasting before preaching to the people of this country.

The party leadership of BJP appeared to be divided on the issue of party’s ideology. Otherwise, how could there so many dissenting voices heard for the past several weeks, following the drubbing of the party in the last elections.

It is not that dissension should not be there in a democratic party like BJP. But then when top leadership one after another started hitting the party top leadership holding them responsible for not guiding the party at the polls, one would be forced to conclude that all was not well within the party.

It all started with Jaswanth Singh going on public to pull the rugs under the feat of the party, when he commented on exclusive agenda of the party. He was also critical of the flop show organised by a few at the hustings. Then joining with him was Arun Shourie, a new entrant comparatively to the party leadership, but an important think tank of the party. He criticised party strategy, more particularly the handling of the affairs by Jaitely. He wanted the party leadership, including its pointman, Advani, to own up the responsibility and step down. Incidentally, Arun Shourie in the midst’s of 2009 election campaign was the one who floated the idea of Narendra Modi, the PM candidate for 2014 Elections, much to embarrassment of LK Advani, who was then fighting his last chance to become the Prime Minister of India, thus fulfilling his long dream. This had confused many in the country, more particularly, the NDA allies. JD(U) was quick to opposed Narendra Modi’s candidature followed by many allies. This was one of main reasons for party’s failure at the polls, say many critics.

But unfortunately, for Arun Shourie, nobody in the party were prepared to hear him nor his a few pages long notes to the Party President, just before the national executive meeting held at Delhi to assess the party loss. Joining him in the dissension voices, was another party leader, Yashwant Sinha, a former Finance and Foreign Minister himself was highly critical of the party leadership. His criticism was also brushed aside and a gag order was issued by the President to prevent leaders going public with their criticism. But that did not have any effect, as these leaders continue to air their views in public, Yashwant Siinha, was in particular continue to rebel and hog the lime light.

Perhaps the BJP leadership had other things in mind and they silently brushed aside all criticism to take the party forward. The arm twisting was evident, when neither Jaswant Singh nor Yashwant Sinha nor Arun Shourie, considered as party specialists, were included in the team to lead the budget reply in both the Houses. The economic think tank of the party was kept out of the business, indicates, the party would like to flex its muscles on the dissidents.

The lack luster show of the party leadership in the Parliament recently over Indo-Pak Joint Statement, all indicated that BJP has clearly lost its way and it is being reduced to a non-entity. The debate has clearly revealed that BJP leaders lacked sting and after a 45 Minutes spirited defense by the Prime Minister, the opposition to Indo-Pak Joint statement, fizzled out. Dr. Manmohan Singh, clearly emerged a winner and a tall statesman and LK Advani a clear loser, unlucky for the second time.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, through his astute statesmanship and apt handling of both domestic and foreign policies, proved the prophesy of Plato right that only a philosopher-King is fit to guide the nation. Plato said, “Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and wisdom and political leadership meet in the same man,….cities will never cease from ill, or the human race”. This is the key-stone of the arch of the Plato’s thought, says Will Durant. Jai Hind.

A.M. Jamsheed Basha
A.M. Jamsheed Basha is a Chennai-based columnist, political commentator, who writes on matters of importance, political, social and self-improvement.