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A.M. Jamsheed Basha is a Chennai-based columnist, political commentator, who writes on matters of importance, political, social and self-improvement.

India Mauled At Nagpur – Srikant to Be Sacked

The Indian Cricket Team, in the recent past, never faced such a humiliating defeat as they got from the visiting South African team at Nagpur.

It’s a National Shame Regionalism Has Undermined Nationalism in Mumbai

It's a relay race between Raj Thackery's MNS and Uday Thackery's Shiv Sena. If one stops, the other starts. It's what's happening in Mumbai of late.

India: Is Comparison Between Modi and Gandhiji Justifiable?

Modi, eternally, stands condemned for his role in the 2002 riots and no amount of his good work in Gujarat is going to erase the bitter memories of the post-Godhra riots until he admits his guilt and ...

Liberhan Commission Report – Blame Game in Parliament

Congress Govt led by Narsimha Rao abetted the crime and an act of shame by not acting in time to save the structure, even though intelligence report clearly suggested the inevitable would happen if no action was taken in time.

Rahul Gandhi Who Redefined Leadership is Leading The List – a...

An eventful year 2009 is coming to an end in just 25 days before it slips into history. The year 2009 would be remembered for it redefined politics in the country.

Shiv Sena’s Diatribe Against Sachin is Wholly Unethical – He is...

There was no justification of any kind for Bal Thackery to insult the son of Maharashtra who made Maharashtra proud. It is true one must love his state. But when the question of India comes, every one joins as one nation.

A Maharashtra Shame Four MNS MLAs Suspended for Slapping Abu Azmi

Abu Azmi Was Slapped for Taking The Oath in Hindi - It's a National Shame, Deserves High Condemnation

BJP May Give in to Reddys Demand Or Crumble in Karnataka...

This tirade against Dr. Manmohan Singh, proved costly for him as people rejected him and rallied around Congress to cause the greatest upset in the 2009 General Elections, returning Congress and allies with a comfortable majority.

Jamait-Ulema-E-Hind Not Sole Muslim Representative – ‘Vande Mataram’ Directives

Jamait-Ulema-E-Hind is Not The Sole Representative Body of Muslims - Muslims Should Ignore The Jamait Directives on 'vande Mataram'

One Swallow Cannot Make a Summer

One solitary performance will not salvage Dhoni's lost prestige, unless he continues to deliver in the matches to come.

America Bleeds in Afghanistan, Pakistan is Collapsing

George Bush pushed America and allies into a 'no winning' war in Afghanistan and Iraq, a faulty policy that cost the US dearly.

Indian Politician Bal Thackery Blames Marathi Manoos for Party Defeat

Drawing a parallel between the win of regional parties in Tamilnadu like Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi, the BJD Patnaik win in Orissa and Modi's local pride in Gujarat all paid off but not in Maharashtra.

Congress All Over in Three Assembly Elections

Indian democracy has finally come of age and people have grown, become mature to reject hate politics. BJP has to remould its policies, while others in opposition are in a bind including the Communists...

The Ghost of Match Fixing Still Haunts The Pakistanis

Earlier Pakistan had every chance to beat the Aussies in the last encounter, where they lost on the last ball. If they had put a little more enthusiasm in the match, they would have easily won it.

India Protests to China Over Stamping of Kashmiris Visas

We have conveyed our well-justified concern to the Chinese government in this regard,' the Indian spokesperson concluded.

What Went Wrong for Team India in South Africa?

Team India is now fighting hard to get a berth in the semi-final in Champions' Trophy being played in South Africa. What went wrong with Team India when they failed to perform to their potential against arch-rival Pakistan is a matter of debate.

Rahul Gandhi Making Waves in Uttar Pradesh – Cause of Worry...

Sinha went on to say that all the hard work and efforts put in by Rahul Gandhi with the people would bear fruit one day since he has a lot of promise for future.

Pakistan’s First National Anthem Was Written By a Hindu Poet

This debate over the anthem came at a time when Pakistan were having a second look into the role of Jinnah during partition after a political biography written by India's ex-Foreign Minister and BJP's founder member, Jaswant Singh.

I Will Continue to Tweet Says Shashi Tharoor

'So, twitter will continue and I will not exercise self-censorship but some moderation,' he said in an interview to India Today magazine.

Afridi Bubbling With Confidence, Dhoni is Confident of India’s Win

Afridi and Younus are bubbling with confidence, though both are aware that it is not easy to walk over against the mighty Indians.