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A.M. Jamsheed Basha is a Chennai-based columnist, political commentator, who writes on matters of importance, political, social and self-improvement.

Water on The Moon: What Does It Mean to The World?

When India's maiden moon mission Chandrayan I aborted, everyone thought India's mission failed. But the ISRO scientists held their nerve and did not disappoint the country and world community.

Alzheimer’s Day Observed World-Wide as a Day of Awareness

Be Sympathetic to People Suffering From Alzheimers and Other Forms of Dementia

Advani Denies Role in Jaswant Singh Expulsion

BJP like Congress is facing a test of its strength in Maharashtra and Haryana where elections are due within a month.

Unnecessary Controversy Raging Over Use Of Allah Hafiz

It has been ordained in the Holy Quran for peaceful co-existeance with other religious groups. That is what has been said, 'Lakum Deenukum Waliyadeen'. Let us not therefore fight over Khuda Hafiz and Allah Hafiz.

Chidambarams Quiet Diplomacy Paid Off Pak Finally Acts Against Hafiz Saeed

It was a most difficult task achieved such ease by our Home Minister. Humility all pervasive when Chidambaram did not want too much credit for his success. He said the facts were before the world and spoke for themselves.

By-Poll Election Results – Wake Up Call to All

Lalu in particular said that this was only a semi-final and in the next year final, he will have more crackers to fire than he did yesterday.

Shashi Tharoor Eats Humble Pie for His Tweet Remarks

It is said 'Loose lips sink ships'. It seems to be true with Shahi Tharoor, a former UN Diplomat turn politician who is courting controversies one after another mainly due to his inadvertent remarks.

Why the Government is Insensitive to Rising Prices of Essential Commodities?

I hope the government will listen to the grievances and do everything possible to fight the menace of rising prices. A mere austerity measure of the kind of a few ministers travelling by economy class will not solve the problem.

Madurai’s Wall of Shame Still Exist – Brinda Karat

A brief detention by police did not deter CPM leader Brinda Karat to walk into the village in Madurai. to find out that the Dalit segregation has deepened further.

Sonia Gandhi Growing in Stature as a Politician

Sonia Gandh, was a reluctant entrant to Indian politics more to save the Congress from extinction than to further her family interest.

Is the Dragon Breathing Fire?

New Delhi has reacted to the incident saying border violations are not an issue and stem from different perceptions of the Line of Actual Control.

Sachin Tendulkar Suggests a New Formula to Revive ODI

Games, in any form are played all over the world not for personal landmark or achievement but for spectators delight. What is the use of a game that is played for 3 or 4 or 5 days with almost empty stands?

Pakistan’s Nuclear Lies Exposed – Stockpiling Nukes!

The only country which can stop Pakistan is the U.S. and not China, which is equally guilty of supplying major components and reactors to that country.
opinions, ideas.

Why Did Jaswant Singh Not Quit as Public Accounts Committee Chairman?

Now the ball is in the court of the Speaker of Lok Sabha. What decision she takes, will be watched with interest. My advice to Jaswant Singh is to quit on his own to avoid unpleasant action from the Speaker of the House.

BJP Issues ‘Show Cause Notice’ to Arun Shourie

Arun Shourie Did More Damage to BJP Than Good - His Continuance in The Party Harmful

Banish One Day Internationals and Organise Test World Cup – Hayden

Mathew Hayden, known for his blistering knocks in any form of cricket, suggested banishing One Day Internationals as they are losing spectator interest all over the world

Sundheendra Kulkarni Quits BJP On Ideological Grounds – Has Exodus Begun?

Political circles are abuz with rumours that the visit by Jaswant Singh to Vajpayee after his ouster was a clear snub to the party.

Jaswant Singh Covered BJP’s Advani on Khandahar

Although Advani said Jaswant Singh's expulsion was necessary though unfortunate, the general feeling is that they have made a great mistake which they will regret.

BJP and Its Future Hang in the Balance

Jaswant Singh's departure from the BJP cast a long shadow on the party and its leadership. Its looks like a deeply shallow and divided party. The crisis ridden party is still to cope up with its internal wrangling.

Tragic End to Vajpayee’s ‘Hanuman’ and Rajnath’s ‘Ravan’ – End of...

As a matter of fact, the launching of the Book was delayed on the request of the Party President. Jaswant Singh was asked to wait first until the Assembly elections were over and then Parliamentary elections.