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A.M. Jamsheed Basha is a Chennai-based columnist, political commentator, who writes on matters of importance, political, social and self-improvement.

Mangalore in The Grip of Religious Intolerance – Muslims Not Free...

The BJP government in Karnataka should take the lead to propagate the ideals of the great men who taught us that India is a land of tolerance. Let us all maintain communal harmony and peace.

Afghans To Choose Their New President

Whether it is Karzai or Abdullah Abdullah, we only have to wait two more days to see.
Dravid taking a run

Indian Team Selection for Tri-Series Flawed – Youngsters Left Out Gasping

Indian Team for Tri-Series and Champions Trophy in Sri-Lanka - Dravid's Inclusion Questionable. What Message Have Selectors Sent to Youngsters?

Afghanistan Going Back to Medieval Age

Karzai should withdraw the legislation and leave the matter to Shia clerics to enforce personal laws through their own diktats to the community.

Indian Celebrities Strip Searched at US Airports: Fault, They Have Islamic...

India's King Khan, an international fame actor, was detained at Newyork airport and questioned for two hours, obviously for he carried the surname 'Khan'.
Opinions of people.

Burma Thumbs its Nose at Impotent World

What is baffling is the muted response from all. British Prime Minister Brown had written a long article, condemning the atrocities and detention of Suu Kyi. But this is not enough.

BJP Heading for a Vertical Split in Rajasthan

Dissension, groupism and rebellion is not new to any political party. It is not BJP alone that is facing the problem of leadership crisis.

Is India Ready to Tackle The Deadly Swine Flu?

People may inadvertently cause the spread of flu to others when they move to a new location.
Yelling opinions.

China Trying to Destablize India

Today, India's Naval Chief Mehtha, sounded a real warning. He said it is foolhardy to say India is equal to China militarily. India is no match for China whether it is airforce, navy or army. China is four times bigger than India.

Emran Hashimi Backtracks Allegation of Religious Bias

Perhaps, no immediate reaction from the Muslim community sent a strong signal to these celebrities and others that they cannot get unqualified support on such matters. This is a good sign, and would augur well for secular India.

In The Land of Mayawathi Dalits are Still Untouchables

It was shocking, bizarre and unbelievable that it could happen in the very state where the champion of Dalits is the Chief Minister. Yes, it is real in Uttar Pradesh.

Statues, Statues Everwhere! It’s Politics in India

The controversy raging over Mayawathi's waste of public money in unveiling a series of statues of herself, her mentor Kanshi Ram and Dalit champion Dr. Ambedkar and scores of statues of Elephants, the symbol of her party.

Good Riddance – World’s Most Dreaded Taliban Leader Baitullah Mehsud Killed

Military and political commentators have opined that the killing of Mehsud was not the end of the road for the Taliban, as new leadership would emerge, causing more problems to Pakistan.

Mumbai Blast Case Verdict – When Will Trio Be Hanged?

Finally justice has been done, though it took six long years after the twin blasts that rocked Mumbai in August 2003. Three of the accused in Twin Mumbai blasts were given the death penalty...

No One is Above Law, and Judges are No Exception

Exception is universal. There are many judges even today who have unquestionable integrity and maintain clean image throughout. To them, we salute.

Cricket Mired in Controversies, One After Another

Cricket was always known as a 'Gentleman's game' played with utmost respect and enthusiasm. But of late, it is mired in controversies that marr the reputation of the game.

BJP Still Groping in The Dark, Harps on Defunct ‘Hindutva’ Ideology

BJP President Rajnath Singh, participating in a two day Party's Executive Meeting at Bangalore, has asserted that Hindutva would continue to be BJP's ideology and corner stone of its policy.
Opinions of people.

Superstition Was At Its Bizarre Best in Sholapure, Maharashtra

As I watched the clippings, I had my heart in my mouth. How could any sane man accept that throwing of children from a height of the 4th floor, would make them healthy and bring prosperity?

PM DR. Singh Made a Spirited Defence of Indo-Pak Joint Statement...

A mere reference to Baluchistan in the Joint statement, gave a big handle to the Opposition parties in the country to launch a frontal attack on Dr.Singh's dealing with Pakistan.

A High Drama in J&K Assembly Plunging The State Into Political...

When J&K Assembly met today (Tuesday) PDP leader Muzaffar Husain Baig made a dramatic accusation against Omar Abdullah and his father Farooq Abdullah.