India: Is Comparison Between Modi and Gandhiji Justifiable?

It is The Biggest Joke of The Year When Nitin Gadkari Likens Modi to Gandhiji.

Except for the fact that both are from Gujarat, there is no comparison worth the name between the tainted Narendra Modi and the revered Mahatma Gandhi.

But BJP Chief Nitin Gadkari had other ideas when he visited Gandhiji’s birth place to pay homage to the father of the nation. He likened Modi to Gandhiji so far as the development of villages is concerned. Just one act by a tainted man like Modi, does not qualify him in any way, to hold a candle to Gandhiji. Comparison between the two would not amuse many Gandhians in the country.

Gandhiji stood for a united and secular India while Modi was a communal leader, who ignited riots in 2002 and many cases are still pending against him. His crime against humanity was so much that even a neutral state like the US refused to issue a visa to him, when he wanted to visit that country. In India post-Godhra riots and the killing of hundreds of innocent people drew widespread condemnation from one and all, including a veiled disagreement from Atalji, the moderate face of BJP. He was so upset with the event, he wanted to remove Modi from the chiefministership. But Advani came in high defense of him and the process was stalled.

A man not known to court any Muslim celebrity, especially the two Pathan brothers of Gujarat when they returned to the country after T20 World Cup win, speaks to the volume of his hatred towards Muslims. When the many state governments of the country conferred titles, handed over lands and cheques to their cricketer sons, who were part of the winning Indian T20 World Cup, Modi refused to acknowledge the contribution of these two illustrious cricketers and sons of Gujarat.

Nitin Gadkari, the new BJP Chief may be trying to overdo something to please the people, a la unveiling of a new BJP avatar. It could be an attempt by the new leader of a crisis-ridden party to add shine to some of the leaders or just a pro-forma homage to Gandhi on the day he was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic. But either way, Gandhians are not likely to be amused by the comparison between Narendra Modi and Bapu, says a news report.

Comparison between a highly tainted Narendra Modi and illustrious father of the nation Bapuji not only leaves a bad taste in the mouth but also speaks to the state of affairs of the BJP. No matter whoever takes over the BJP, the party would not change its true colours. As the saying goes, the Leopard cannot change its spots.

Gandhiji was a great leader of Ahimsa, he lived and died for ‘non-violence’ while not compromising on unity among different communities in the country. He was the champion of the downtrodden. He lived in villages and created the awareness that, according to him, ‘India lives in villages’. Let Nitiin Gadkari come out with facts as to what kind of service Modi had given to the downtrodden in Gujarat in particular and the development of villages in general, to draw a comparison with the great Gandhiji.

In any case, the statement of BJP chief is going to stir up a controversy or two in the country. Congressmen should be up in arms soon.

Modi, eternally, stands condemned for his role in the 2002 riots and no amount of his good work in Gujarat is going to erase the bitter memories of the post-Godhra riots until he admits his guilt and pleads for a general pardon from the affected families. Until then, Modi remains a blot on the face of the nation.

Jai Hind.

A.M. Jamsheed Basha
A.M. Jamsheed Basha is a Chennai-based columnist, political commentator, who writes on matters of importance, political, social and self-improvement.