America is The Undisputed Leader of Freedom and Democracy

The present days revolutions in some dictatorial countries especially in Middle East and Far East have again proved that no power secured by the dictators of the regions can suppress the desire of the people for liberation and democracy. One after another, tyrant leaders are falling like the castle of cards. The end of the authoritarian regime is obvious.

There is no other regime than Democracy that can satisfy people’s hope and desires for freedom. Although democracy does not automatically ensure justice and equality for all, people are keen to correct injustices.

Aligning its noble principles with equally noble practices is an unending duty for any democratic country. It requires a vigilant yet patient population who understands a democratic process. The same qualities are required of a population caught within a an authoritarian. History proves how non-violent people-power wins over tyranny.

America has been providing world leadership in the promotion of above mentioned principles in different methods by supporting people’s legitimate demand of liberty and democracy globally. When liberty was suppressed in Hungary and in Tibet, America stood in support of the helpless people. Many Americans have sacrificed their lives in helping people’s aspiration in all the continents. French Revolution, Russian Revolution, India’s quest of independence, Tibetan revolt and so many others the Americans showed their timely presence.

Why are the people of the world fighting for liberty and democracy? They are proud to identify themselves with the statue of Liberty in New York, the icon of Freedom and Liberty. Because the Americans by nature are freedom lovers. They cannot compromise their liberty and freedom with the authority.

Now the time has come and the U.S. needs to support non-violent democracy movement of the people around the world and claim it’s undisputed world leadership.