Modern Islam Dwells in The ‘Present’ and Not in The ‘Past’

As a community, we are more reactive and pessimistic rather than positive and progressive. We live in fear and denial. There is nothing wrong with us Muslims. It’s all the result of Jewish conspiracy, Hindu conspiracy and Western imperialist conspiracy.

We love living in the past, in the land of pointlessness. So our discussions too are not so much about issues of today as about the bygone past. We revel in discussing ad infinitum like the dirty politics of seventh century Arabia and taking sides with one of the parties. We have no plans for the future.

Some individuals, of course, do have plans for themselves as well as for the community. They have vision of regeneration for Islam and the Muslim community. But they are reviled for thinking of this word rather than the other world where 72 houris are waiting for them in a land of milk and honey.

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