The Espresso Lane to Stress Relief

The needy process of life, I often get run down injured or worse a bad haircut, like all people we need something to instantly calm us down realign our focus and carry on with the damages, or at least try, my poor butchered hair.

I can only explain this best with food, shock horror! The only thing that makes me feel better is making a cake! Something about beating things together really pulls out a delicious cake. This one is something I normally cook up for friends or be gluttonous like me and have it for myself,

Express cake

Now if you have a food mixer, feel free to use that or if you have some pent up anger issues large bowl and spoon.

Half a stick of unsalted butter

Light brown sugar (roughly a cup)

One cup of flour (plain)

1 egg

Tablespoon of coco powder

Pinch of salt

One shot of good espresso coffee

Vanilla essence

If you wanted you can also make these in to cookies by simply adding self raising flour as well to the mix. This will develop a mixture that is very thick.

Direction. (for non food processor)

Beat soft butter and sugar together till creamy

Adding the flour, coco powder, salt, egg and vanilla essence and mix until a sloppy.

Add the espresso shot, and mix lightly until it looks like marble.

Depending on cookies or cake simply add extra flour if not, add to a greased tin and cook on 200 for 20 minutes.

Ensuring it’s soft and spongy

Directions for food processor

Add all ingredients in to the bowl and blitz until sloppy

Move contents to a greased tin and cook as above.

As an extra to impress, using the other half stick of butter, icing sugar and a shot of dry espresso powder mix together and you have a nice icing topping to match, now find a magazine a cup of coffee and relax.

Steven Latchum
Steven Latchum is an Irish foodie who really loves making, eating, reading and writing about food. He says food is so genuine he can have a conversation with his plate, almost like a first date every time. Contact Steven through NewsBlaze.