US Says ‘Assad’s Days in Power are Numbered’

U.S. Permanent Representative Susan E. Rice today said Assad’s days in power are numbered.

In her statement after a Security Council Briefing on Syria, Ms. Rice the United States welcomes today’s briefing by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the appalling human rights crisis in Syria.

“Just two days after global celebrations of Human Rights Day, the Assad regime continues to carry out its brutal campaign of death against its own citizens, including many children.” -Ms. Rice

She noted that High Commissioner Pillay’s briefing underscores the urgency of the present moment.

“The question is how many more Syrians such as 13-year-old Hamza Khatib, who was tortured and murdered in April, must be beaten, killed or raped before Assad leaves office.” -Ms. Rice

She stressed that through condemnations issued by the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council and bold steps taken by the Arab League and the Government of Turkey, international bodies are starting to match their severe disapproval of Syria’s bloody crackdown with concrete steps to bring it to an end.

“It is past time for the UN Security Council to do the same.” -Ms. Rice

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