Iranian Regime Conducts Misinformation Campaign Against Ashraf Residents

Kayhan daily, affiliated with Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader; the Qods news agency, affiliated with the Iranian regime’s revolutionary guards (IRGC); Habilian Website, affiliated with Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS); and other clerical regime’s state-run media published fresh lies quoting Ahmed Chalabi, the well-known and disgraced element of the clerical regime: “The PMOI, just on one occasion and on a monthly basis, received sixty million dollars of bribe from Saddam. Chalabi said: A while ago, the contact who used to hand over these funds to Monafeqin personally told me about this.”

Chalabi who has been in Iran for the last several weeks and at the order of his masters in the MOIS and the Qods Force is paving the way for an assault on Ashraf said: “In my conversations with some of the Iraqi religious and political officials, time and again, I have pointed out the danger entailed in the continued presence of Monafeqin in Iraq” and “when I was the President of Iraq’s Interim Council, I suggested for the first time the idea of expulsion of this sect and confiscation of all their property”. To increase his payments, Chalabi also took responsibility for the psychological torture of Ashraf residents, saying: “Leaders of this grouplet prevent visit of families of this sect with their children who are in captivity at Ashraf Base; therefore, we worked very hard to make these visits happen”.

In regard to the statements made by this well-known hired agent of the clerical regime, the Iranian Resistance reminds that:

1. Chalabi’s assignment as ordered by the Iranian regime during recent years has been to prepare the ground for attacks against Ashraf. On April 4, while Maliki’s forces had entered Ashraf and were planning the April 8 attack, this agent declared that he “supports the actions of Iraqi government to end PMOI’s presence in Iraq. This terrorist group that participated in the suppression of Iraqi people uprising in March 1991 continues with the murder of the Iraqis and agitates against the democratic situation in Iraq.” (Ahmed Chalabi’s website – National Congress – April 4, 2011)

2.For decades Chalabi has been an agent of the clerical fascism ruling Iran. Chalabi played a role by passing to the United States Iranian regime’s fabricated information on weapons of mass destruction of Iraq which led to a devastating war hoped for by the Iranian regime with the clerical regime as its first winner. After nearly 9 years, the entire region and the world still suffer from the consequences of this war.

3.Newsday wrote on May 21, 2004: “The Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded that a U.S.-funded arm of Ahmad Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress has been used for years by Iranian Intelligence to pass disinformation to the United States and to collect highly sensitive American secrets.” “Iranian intelligence has been manipulating the United States through Chalabi by furnishing through his information collection program information to provoke the United States into getting rid of Saddam Hussein.”

4. Former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told U.S. Congress on May 19, 2004 that he has terminated the monthly budget of $340,000 allocated to Chalabi’s Iraq National Congress. Concurrently New York Times wrote that Chalabi had received at least 27 million dollars from Washington in four years.

5. On May 10, 2004 Newsweek wrote: “Rulers. NEWSWEEK has learned that top Bush administration Officials have been briefed on intelligence indicating that Chalabi and some of his top aides have supplied Iran with “sensitive” U.S. information on American occupation in Iraq. U.S. Officials say that electronic intercepts of discussions between Iranian leaders indicate that Chalabi and his entourage told Iranian contacts about American political plans in Iraq. There are also indications that Chalabi has provided details about U.S. security operations. According to one U.S. government source, some of the information Chalabi turned over to Iran could “get people killed”.

6. CNN wrote on May 21, 2004: U.S. intelligence officials on Friday said Ahmed Chalabi, a member of the Iraqi Governing Council with ties to senior Pentagon officials, gave intelligence secrets to Iran so closely held in the U.S. government that only “a handful” of senior officials know them.

They also said there is evidence Chalabi met with a senior Iranian intelligence official described as a “nefarious figure” who has played a direct role in activities against the United States.

“Guardian, on 25 May 2004 quoted a U.S. intelligence official as saying: “He (Chalabi) passed very sensitive and classified information to the Iranians. We have rock solid information that he did that.”

7. Chalabi’s activities for the Iranian regime were iterated upon in later years by U.S. officials on many occasions. General Petraeus, the then Commander of CENTCOM told the London Times in an interview:

that was supposed to have been defunct by the legislation that established the accountability and justice commission that replaced the former de-Baathification committee, those leaders seemingly hijacking the new organisation without having been confirmed as the leadership of it and being manipulated by reportedly the Iranian Quds force.

8. General Odierno, the then Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, said: U.S. has documents that prove Ahmed Chalabi has ties with Iran. Christopher Hill, the U.S. ambassador at the time, also confirmed General Odierno’s remarks on the influence of Iranian regime on decisions made by the Accountability and Justice Commission (Asharqiya and Al-Hurra television stations, 17 February 2010).

9. The Washington Times wrote on 1 April 2008 that as the tide was turning towards war, Chalabi worked with the revolutionary guard’s officers under supervision of General Ahmad Foruzandeh (a commander of the Qods Force) considered a terrorist by the United States government.

10. Marvan al-Ma’ashar, Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister in 2005, noted: There would be no cooperation with Chalabi until he resolves his 22-year sentence for a 300 million dollar embezzlement of Petra Bank assets (Az-Zaman International – Nov. 17, 2005).

11. Claims by this agent about the financial situation of the PMOI or Ashraf resident delude no one. PMOI has not received even one dime from the Iraqi government since its presence in Iraq in 1986. All its expenses in Iraq have been paid for by Iranians inside Iran and abroad. Some of the documents on PMOI’s expenditures in Iraq were published in ‘Mojahed’ publication No. 915 dated 25 June 2008.

12. According to the published documents, the PMOI has paid bills on water, electricity, telephone and other civil services at the time when these services were provided at no cost to the Iraqi citizens. Even the water and electricity foundations in PMOI bases were paid for by the PMOI although these expenses are normally paid for by the government. According to this publication, up until the end of 2002, PMOI spent 48 million dollars on construction of its bases and buildings fully paid by the organization itself.

13. Bills of payment amounting to $5,381,000 paid to Iraq’s communication and postal company for telephone bills of PMOI offices and bases throughout Iraq, bills of payments of millions of dollars for purchase of vehicles from abroad, bills of payment to the Iraqi government amounting to hundreds of millions of Dinars for the purchase of weapons and ammunitions, bills of payment amounting to $4,104,000 for clothing and individual equipment from Korea, bills of payment of $1,218,000 for relaying PMOI television and radio programs, and bills of payments of 101,000,000 Dinars for renting eight buildings in Baghdad used for PMOI’s office in Baghdad are among these documents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran