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Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.

Iran fire festival protests

National Fire Festival Activities Throughout Iran Called By MEK Network

There have been widespread reports of political activities throughout Iran following the network of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) calling for mobilization...
If You Want A Non-Nuclear Iran, You Can... Joe Has Heard This Story Before

Iran Lobby’s Yellow and Biased Smear Campaign Against MEK

Tehran has taken nearly full control over Baghdad thanks to the Obama Middle East Doctrine, blueprinted to deliver a series of incentives to Iran...
iranian mullahs shocked by trump election.

Trump Election Shocks Iranian Mullahs Regime

The selection of Donald Trump as the next US president has shocked the Iranian regime. Iran's state-run media reported that most Iranian officials were...
Relations with Iran ignore abuse.

US and EU Should Rethink Their Relations With Iran

Some years ago, South Africa was under apartheid rule, where racism was law and part of the state's procedures. The greater part of the...
hossein-ali montazeri.

Khomeini Ex-Heir Acknowledges Massacre Of PMOI by Iran Regime

In 1988, there was a brutal nationwide massacre in Iran. Those killed were activists of the main Iranian opposition group, the People's Mojahedin Organization...
Maryam Rajavi speaks to the Grand Gathering in Paris. Iranian Regime overthrow.

Paris: Maryam Rajavi Delivers New Solution to Iran Crisis

On Saturday, July 9th, Iranian expatriates and supporters of opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) gathered from five continents to stage an...
Maryam Rajavi speaks to the Grand Gathering in Paris. Iranian Regime overthrow.

Iranian Regime on the Verge of Being Overthrown

It has been a year since the nuclear deal was arranged. Both factions have failed at rescue, and the Iranian regime is on the...
missile launchers on flatbed truck.

PHOTOS: IRGC Industries Missiles Used To Attack Camp Liberty

The residents of Camp Liberty suffered another missile attack a few days ago, on July 4, the date Americans celebrate their Independence Day. It...
Women in Camp Liberty protest the medical siege that UNAMI does nothing about.

Ban on Food, Medicine and Fuel Deliveries to Camp Liberty Enters...

Blocking Sewage Trucks Places Camp In Major Hygiene Crisis On the fourth of July, U.S. Independence day, the residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq have...
Iranian regime must be evicted from Iraq.

Thousands of Arab Jurists Demand Security for Iranian Dissidents

Iran Meddling in the Middle East Must Come to an End Nearly 18,000 Arab jurists from countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa joined...
Free Iran, lessen the Threat of Islamic Extremism

The Continuing Reign of Terror in Iran

Three years into the tenure of Hassan Rouhani, who he and many in the West promised would be a "moderate" and "reformist" poised to...
Free Iran, lessen the Threat of Islamic Extremism

Middle East: Growing and Immediate Threat of Islamic Extremism

A major gathering of Iranians and their international supporters, is taking place in Paris, France. Hundreds of senior political dignitaries, parliamentarians, human rights and...
3000 sheiks want protection of camp liberty.

Iraq: Thousands of Sheikhs Demand Iran’s Eviction, Protection of Camp Liberty

Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty near Baghdad must be provided safety and security, a statement issued by more than 3,000 Iraqi tribal sheikhs reads,...
syrian national coalition visits iranian resistance

Syrian National Coalition Visits Iranian Resistance

Camp Liberty Residents and the Iranian people are not the only ones abandoned by world powers. Syrians and the Syrian National Coalition are in...
jordan parliament january 2014.

Jordan: Majority of Parliament Calls To Guarantee Camp Liberty Residents’ Security

This week mainstream Arab media reported widely a statement by a majority of Jordanian parliamentarians, calling for the safety and security of "Camp Liberty"...
ahmad jannati.

Iran: Who Won In the Assembly Elections?

Following the appointment of hardline cleric Ahmad Jannati as head of Iran's Assembly of Experts, media outlets loyal to the two rival factions have...
iran to blind a man with acid in Gohardasht prison.

Why Is Iran Planning to Blind a Man With Acid?

10 Prisoners Executed in 3 Days, Including 2 Youths, 1 Public Execution As we live in the 21st century and technological advances make life easier...
Obama and Saudis.

With Gulf Arab States, U.S. Should Focus on One Objective: Iran

Describing differences as tactical in his recent visit to the Middle East, U.S. President Barack Obama must come to realize walking one line with...
OIC summit attendees.

Turkey: OIC Summit Condemns Iranian Regime

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held its 13th summit in Istanbul this week. The OIC Summit, in its final declaration condemned Iran for...
9/11 - World Trade Center towers on fire.

How Did Iran Play a Role in 9/11?

New documents have appeared in the media over Iran's role in the worst ever terrorist attack on American soil. 9/11 changed the course of...