US Honors Anna Politkovskaya’s Legacy as ‘Courageous Woman’

The United States of America today marked the fifth-year anniversary of the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya by honoring her legacy as a courageous woman.

Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said Politkovskaya’s reporting on the war in the North Caucasus brought to light the violation of human rights and the suffering of the victims in this conflict.

“We honor Anna’s legacy as a courageous journalist.” – Ms. Nuland

Ms. Nuland stressed that while the United States welcomes the recent arrest of suspects in her murder, justice will not be done until all those involved in the crime are identified and prosecuted.

Politkovskaya gained a reputation writing stories about conditions in Chechnya. The Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, published her stories, It was known for critical investigative coverage of Russian political and social affairs.

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