How to Choose Different Shades of Red Prom Dresses to Suit Your Skin Tone

Red prom dresses are a classic and traditional style of prom dress, they’re sometimes a girls dream and other times they’re not ideal at all. It’s essential when you’re choosing a prom dress to consider your skin tone, how pale or dark it is. We know it’s difficult to find a dress that suits your figure but it’s even more challenging to find a color that suits you too. Especially where prom is concerned, everything has to be perfect, and we understand this.

Take a look at our suggestions below so when you go shopping you know what to keep an eye out for and what color shades to remember before purchasing a red prom dress. For each color shade we have assigned a skin tone, typically these colors will suit anyone, but that doesn’t mean to say that just because your skin tone isn’t recommended for a specific color, you can’t love it.

Deep Red (Merlot and Mahogany Colors) – Palest Skin

For those of you with pink undertoned pale skin, a deep red is a perfect choice for you. Colors such as merlot and mahogany are complementing and work well with the tones of your skin. You can pair these colors with black or gold jewelry for the ultimate look. These dark colors do suit many skin tones but it just so happens that they look amazing on the paler skin due to the contrast of colors.

hat. Image by 5598375 from Pixabay
Hat. Image by 5598375 from Pixabay

Medium Red (Berry and Wine Colors) – Pale Skin

Moving up the color wheel and onto a slightly lighter red color is those that are ideal for anyone with yellow undertoned pale skin. Medium reds are ideal as they’re very inoffensive and they work well with different jewelry colors (especially silver and rose gold!). We love the berry and wine colors as they’re dark and mysterious yet still very classic.

Bright Red (Rose and Candy Colors) – Darker Skin

It seems that bright reds are more ideal for those with darker skin, this is because of the contrast of shades (similar to the pale and dark red colors). Bright reds look amazing on darker skin as they stand out but look super traditional and elegant. We love this combination for winter proms as brighter reds are often associated with the Christmas months. However, we wouldn’t stop you wearing a red prom dress any other month either – it’s your choice and decision!

Rose Pink – Darkest Skin

Although rose pink isn’t a direct color associated with red shades, it’s still technically a shade of red, so we had to make sure it was in here! Pink shades tend to suit anyone with darker skin but often don’t suit those with particularly paler skin as it washes any skin tone out of you when you wear it. We’d recommend rose and darker pinks for those with darker skin as they’re simply beautiful. It shouldn’t take much convincing! Simply try on some pink dresses, and you’re sure to fall in love.

Melissa Thompson
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