A Candle in The Dark

Saturday 23th and Sunday 24th of July were designated as “Hamyari Days” (supporting days) with Simay-e Azadi (The Vision of Freedom) or Iran National Television (INTV) which is a banned opposition satellite channel in Iran. It was the 12th “hamyari” but because of extensive calls from Iranians across the world, the program has been extended and the producers cannot set an end.

I have heard the most elegant words. I have seen the most beautiful tears, smiles and the most amazing sacrifices. And truly, I see the burning thirst of a nation that wants to live free and get released from an evil regime of the Mullahs in Tehran. The callers say that this voice must not be silenced, because it is the voice of the Iranian people and the people in Camp Ashraf. Since Saturday, it has been more than four days now that the Iranian people are helping INTV financially with all they have so that it can continue its programs and remain their voice.

INTV has existed for more than 15 years and it broadcasts programs 24 hours per day in Farsi language to Iran, Europe and the US. It is run by the main Iranian opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI). It is the only Iranian channel that is entirely financed by the people and does not broadcast any commercials. You may ask me; how is this possible? It is because the Simay-e Azadi always tells and discloses the pain of people of Iran and the crimes of the Iranian regime against women and youth. In addition, INTV has a lot of support among the youth because of its humor programs that make fun of the Mullahs’ leaders. But better than any description, I quote from what people have said about INTV during these calls. In the last few days, I have thought so much about these meaningful sentences and felt really humbled.

A woman named Nasrin called from Tehran and said, “It has been three days since I brought my children out, so that we could call you, because it is dangerous to call from our home and I am very happy that finally we had the chance to get through the line to speak to you. My children love your programs, especially the political comedies and we can only help you with 200.000 Toumans” (which is similar to 200 Euros).

A young boy named Omid called from London and said that he had raised about 400 Pounds to buy a new Play Station but he said “I want to give all my saving to the INTV.”

A Journalist who escaped recently from Iran and called from Turkey said that he represents a group of journalists in Iran who want to show their support for the MEK with 100 dollars and said that if they would have any chance inside Iran they would have written about the MEK.

An Iranian refugee named Reza called from France and said that he has nothing to give but 30 Euros which is his only money to buy food but he wants to give it to INTV, because otherwise nobody can be the voice of people like him.

A man named Reza who called from Canada said that he wants to donate 10,000 dollars and said that all my life belongs to the people in Ashraf.

Another man from Australia named Hamid helped the first day with 10,000 dollars. But he called the day after and said that “having heard these messages from people in Iran, I decided to sell my house and I will help you with 250,000 dollars.”

People called mostly from Europe, US, Canada, Australia and of course from Iran. But also some personalities from Iraq and Jordan, like Dr. Zafer Al-Ani, one of the leaders of Iraq’s Al-Iraqia and Dr. Ali Zalamin member of the Parliament from Jordan called to show their support for INTV and the Iranian resistance.

Two small children named Asal and Fardin from Luxembourg called and donated 20 Euros. It was Fardin’s birthday but he wanted to help INTV.

Although the number of phone calls were enormous and the phone lines stood occupied all the time, but none of the calls were similar to the other and I wish I could quote them all, but then I would have to write a book.

Simaye Azadi
Hamyari (Support) with IRANNTV www.iranntv.com

I remember when I was about 7 years old, we watched INTV in Iran, in Tehran. INTV was at that time only 2 hours, from 21:00 to 23:00 in the evening. Me, my brother and my parents tried every day to finish our work before that time so that we could watch the programs. Of course we covered our satellite dish, otherwise the Iranian regime could find out and my parents could be arrested. We loved INTV because the Mullahs had made Iran into a big prison. When you find any hope out of this prison, it is everything for you and the INTV which is the vision of freedom and the Iranian resistance and the hope of people of Iran is playing that role.

In the past three days I also had to think about the nonsense blared by the Iranian regime’s lobbies these days. Disguised under the name of human rights activists or experts in Iran issues, they are actually doing nothing but misinforming the people about the MEK.

One of their nonsense statements is that the MEK has no support among the people neither inside Iran nor in Europe or the US and claim this to be “a fact.” I wonder if they were watching this program as well, what they would say to that Iranian refugee in France that gives his only money for his food to the MEK. One of the most earsplitting front groups is the Washington based National Iranian-American Council (NIAC). I wonder if this lobby group has ever tried to raise a single dollar from people inside Iran. I assume they never need that when they receive 6 digit sums for consultations to the Iranian embassy.

According to documents leaked on the Internet [1] from an ongoing court case, NIAC’s Trita Parsi and Gareth Porter invoiced Iranian authorities nearly $100,000 for consultations on “Iran Negotiations.” I think they are right; MEK has no support among the people who endorse the Iranian regime and Ahmadinejad. These past four days have showed that MEK’s support base extends only to the people who want freedom and democracy in their beloved country Iran and reject any appeasement of the Ayatollahs.

[1] http://iraniansforum.com/index.php/gallery/niac-and-iranian-regime/niac-and-iri2-122#joomimg

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